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The people behind the cruelty

Those who make a profit by abusing or exploiting animals will be exposed for who they really are.

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Allan & Elaine Howard

Allan and Elaine Howard own at least one pig farm; Allains Piggery located at 53 Blakney Creek North Road, NSW, 2581. Here, they repeatedly impregnate female pigs and confine them to tiny metal crates, and regularly perform mutilations on piglets, such as tail and teeth cutting, without pain relief. All standard in the Australian pig farming industry.


  • 1999: Purchased the property at 53 Blakney Creek Road, NSW, 2581.
  • 2000: Registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • 2012: Animal Liberation releases campaign against cruelty discovered at piggery.
  • 2013: Animal Liberation releases new investigation into cruelty discovered at piggery.

Piggeries owned by Allan & Elaine Howard

Allain's Piggery
Allain's Piggery
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