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Australian Pork Farm Group (APFG)

Australian Pork Farm Group (APFG)

Information on this page is taken from the following document, written in May 2011: Submission to Animal Health Australia: Transport Code of Practice Public Consultation.

The Australian Pork Farm Group is made up of 3 businesses:

APFG is part of an Integrated Supply Chain consortium - where APFG represents the majority shareholders in a number of businesses from farms to wholesale meat sales:

  • The 18 owners and shareholders of APFG represent some of the major independent piggery operators in their own right in SA and Victoria
  • They are the majority shareholders [owning over 75%] of "Auspork Limited" - the marketing and abattoir owning entity based in Laverton [Victoria], which was developed by this group to assist stronger supply chain linkages 'Beyond the farm gate' for its Farmer Suppliers.
  • APFG is also a direct Capital investor in the Big River Pork Abattoir and Boning Operation at Murray Bridge - and along with Auspork own 50% of this business.
  • 15 years ago these independent family farmers first came together to:
    • Buy out the assets of Metro Meats (ex Adelaide Steamship Company) who had decided to divest themselves of their piggery assets. These farmers pooled their resources and pig farming investment capital to create larger enterprises in the belief this was required to be competitive for their long term futures.
    • These Farm businesses realized the need for an integrated supply chain even in these early days and subsequently formed the Auspork companies, who have owned Abattoirs, exported to both Japan and Singapore, and are now [as well as the above], involved in value adding branded Pork operations based at Laverton, Vic.
    • In 2003, the group (prior to the relaxing of the IRA protocols and US FTA announcements) took the decision to purchase the George Weston Foods pig farms in SA.

A summary of the key aspects of the combined businesses today would be as follows:

  • 16,000 sows producing in excess of 320,000 pigs per annum sold to key abattoirs in SA and Victoria. Together the group represents approximately 33% of the SA Industry's combined 50,000 current sows.
  • The principle shareholders of the above companies are pig farmers in their own right, and together own another estimated 5,000 plus sows and hence transport an additional 100,000 animals per year.
  • All sow Breeder farms are owned; but have a network of contract farmers in both states that house and manage up to 40% of APFG's total production. (These contract sites of typically local farmers take no market risk and receive a flat fee for use of facilities and/or labour).
  • The group employs over 130 people directly; plus their 'contract' enterprises have (they estimate) another 30+ full and part time staff.
  • APFG spent in excess of $1,200,000 in 2010 on Animal movement freight, with an expectation for this to be well over $1,500,000 in 2011.
  • This expense is for movement of small growing pigs between growout sites; AND for Market ready animals to Abattoirs across South Australia BUT also into and from Victoria.
  • The majority of APFG's sites are in SA at present, with a few in Victoria. In general their haulage times are 2 to 4 hours - but with a proportion of some runs from interstate being 7 to 10 hours. This is due to the forced rationalization of the Abattoir industry, as they try to drive down costs to compete with the increasing volumes of imports of oversea's meat.

Piggeries owned by Australian Pork Farm Group (APFG)

Sheaoak Piggery
Sheaoak Piggery
Wasleys Tailem Bend Piggery
Wasleys Tailem Bend Piggery
Wasleys Piggery
Wasleys Piggery
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