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Agnes & Peter Cartwright (Pine Park Pig Co)

Agnes & Peter Cartwright

Agnes and Peter Cartwright own at least one piggery, Pine Park Piggery, in Temora NSW.

At their piggery, the Cartwrights routinely cut the tails, teeth and ears of piglets; very painful procedures done without any sort of pain relief.

Agnes and Peter Cartwright also confine pigs in the inherently cruel sow stalls and farrowing crates, for up to 16 weeks in sow stalls, and 6 weeks in farrowing crates, where the pigs have barely enough space to take one step forwards or backwards, and are unable to turn around.

The Cartwrights forcefully impregnate their sows, then take their piglets away from them to be grown out and killed, in a continuous cycle until the sows are too weak and "unproductive", at which point they are killed. Pigs are very maternal creatures; imagine taking a human baby away from a grieving mother, then reimpregnating her and doing the same, again and again for years.

Despite this, Peter Cartwright was named Citizen of the Year at the annual Temora Australia Day celebrations in 2012 (source: Temora Shire Council).

Piggeries owned by Agnes & Peter Cartwright

Pine Park Piggery
Pine Park Piggery
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