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Jones family (CEFN Genetics)

Jones family

"The aim of CEFN Genetics is to provide our customers with healthy, high performing stock which will enable them to compete profitably in the business of pig production."

"An ongoing commitment to research and development both within the company and in cooperation with other organisations allows CEFN Genetics to adopt the latest techniques."

CEFN has 4000 sows spread over three breeding facilities (farrowing crates, sow stalls, and group housing - no weaners or growers) near Clifton in Queensland, Australia, and has at one stage (but may no longer) owned another facility near Murray Bridge, South Australia. These farms serve as "semen centres", providing boar semen for artificial insemination to over 80 pig farms across the country. For the majority of their lives, these 4000 sows are confined to tiny metal and concrete cages within sow stalls and farrowing crates.

CEFN is owned by the Jones family. Until recently it was directed by Ian Jones, the former mayor of the Clifton Shire. It is now run by his two sons, Andrew Jones and Marcus Jones. Pictured: The Jones family of CEFN Pty Ltd as pictured in their Pilton Valley Pork promotional brochure are (from left) Emily, Ian, Raelene, Andrew, and Kathrine.

CEFN supplies the Pilton Valley Pork brand of pig meat.


Director of Sales

Marcus Jones
Mobile: 0427 601 605

General Manager - Production

Andrew Jones
Mobile: 0429 471 497

Production Manager

Zane Harper
Mobile: 0428 541 707

Technical & Breeding Manager

Rob Nichols
Mobile: 0428 753 880

Company Geneticist

Walter Osborne
Mobile: 0457 833 621

Piggeries owned by Jones family

CEFN Breeder Piggery
CEFN Breeder Piggery
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