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Craig Mostyn Farms

Craig Mostyn Farms is a division of Craig Mostyn Group. They are one of the largest pig killing companies in Australia (3000 per week).

Along with a number of piggeries, Craig Mostyn Farms own Linley Valley Abattoir, a large pig slaughterhouse in Western Australia which kills around half a million pigs per year, using the excruciating 'stunning' method of a carbon dioxide gas chamber (seen also at Corowa Slaughterhouse NSW and Big River Pork SA).


"Craig Mostyn Group (CMG) was established in 1923 and since has grown into a diversified food and agribusiness operating out of Australia achieving revenues in excess of $A 350 million in FY2014.

CMG now operates in the meat protein, tallow and oils, food services and retail markets. CMG is a market leader in the domestic pork and rendering sectors with strong supply chains and an established export market with a global reach of 60 countries.

Since establishment, CMG has operated under a family ownership structure whereby all current shareholders are second, third or fourth-generation family members. CMG understands the value of strong familial ties, has a strong desire to look after its employees and wants to preserve the continuity of this culture for continued and long-term success."


  • David Lock, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Wray, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary
  • Andrew Mostyn, Executive Director
  • Greg Lott, General Manager (Rendering & Protein)
  • Peter James, General Manager (CM Food)
  • Ron Penn, General Manager (Meat & Livestock)
  • Julie Cox, General Manager (Business Development)
  • More details including photos and short biographys at:

Board of Directors

Piggeries owned by Craig Mostyn Farms

Nambeelup Piggery
Nambeelup Piggery
Narrogin Piggery
Narrogin Piggery
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