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The people behind the cruelty

Those who make a profit by abusing or exploiting animals will be exposed for who they really are.

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Andrew Reilly (Reilly Pastoral Co)

Andrew Reilly

Andrew Reilly owns multiple piggeries under his company name Reilly Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, including Wongalea Piggery, in Quinalow QLD. Here, they keep pigs confined to tiny metal cages in farrowing crates alongside their dead and dying piglets for up to 6 weeks at a time, before moving them out to be forcefully reimpregnated. They also cut off the tails of piglets, cut large nothces into their ears, and cut their teeth back to the gum line, all without pain relief or anaesthetic.

Piggeries owned by Andrew Reilly

Wongalea Piggery
Wongalea Piggery
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