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Rivalea Australia

Rivalea Australia
(02) 6033 8333
PO Box 78, Corowa NSW 2646

Rivalea is the largest pig killing company in Australia. They own the largest pig slaughterhouse in Australia (Corowa Abattoir, NSW), and the largest piggery in the southern hemisphere (Corowa Piggery, NSW).

They also own a number of other piggeries in NSW and VIC, and hold a majority share in another large pig slaughterhouse, Diamond Valley Pork in Melbourne.

In 2012 the company generated a total revenue of $314,739,000. In 2012, Rivalea had 980 employees in Australia including employees from all subsidiaries under the company's control.

The Chief Executive of Rivalea Australia Pty Ltd is Mr Paul Pattison.

The Chairman is Mr Kong Tan, based in Singapore.

Rivalea Australia, the trading name for Hamsdale Australia Pty Ltd, is involved in:

  • Stockfeed - the group has stockfeed mills at Corowa and Moulamein (Balpool Station). The former mill is the larger of the two, and produces approximately 450,000 tonnes each year. A portion of this is sold, but Rivalea primarily supplies it to its own integrated pork production facilities.
  • Land lease and grain growing - currently leasing and cropping over 10,000 hectares. Rivalea’s agricultural operations also include dairy agistment, beef, and wool and lamb production.
  • Farming operations - Rivalea represents the largest producers of pigs in Australia. The group has a number of farming sites, located at Corowa NSW, Huntly VIC, Balpool Station NSW, Bungowannah NSW and St Arnaud VIC, and contracts a large number of 'grower' farms in NSW and VIC.
  • Processing and packaging- Rivalea owns and operates specialised abattoirs, boning and packaging facilities. The group's primary abattoir in Corowa NSW currently kills approximately 1 million pigs per year.
  • Sales and distribution - products are sold to the retail sector and to manufacturers. Products are also exported, and the group accounts for approximately 30% of Australia's pork exports.


Hamsdale Australia Pty Ltd is Australia's largest pig producer. Hamsdale Australia Pty Ltd owns Rivalea (Australia) Pty Ltd, which in turn is wholly owned by the Singaporean company QAF Limited, a multi-industry food company listed on the Singaporean Stock Exchange. Up to July 2009, Rivalea operated under the name of QAF Meats Group.

Hamsdale Australia also has an 80.0% interest in Diamond Valley Pork Pty Ltd, which operates as an abattoir and boning business in Melbourne.

The first Rivalea piggery was established in 1971, and today the company is vertically integrated, consisting of stockfeed milling, farming operations, pork processing, sales and distribution. Rivalea has seven company-owned farms across Victoria and New South Wales over a total area of about 100 square kilometres. A number of third-party contractors also carry out production. In 2010, the company produced and sold about 736,000 heads or 46,000 metric tonnes of meat.

The company has been increasingly contracting out its pig production, with contracted production accounting for about 50.0% of the total. It has also been reducing its pig numbers. Over 2008,the company reconfigured its business to reduce costs, and expanded its sales of fresh meat (which face less competition from imports than frozen meat). The company exports about 30.0% of its production. Its major markets are Singapore and Japan.

The company has about 400 employees in its farming operations. In 2011 Rivalea was the first ever pork company to receive a leadership award from the Compassion in World Farming organisation. The award highlighted Rivalea's competitive edge and through high quality animal produce and friendly farming practices.

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