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Wally Perenc

Wally Perenc

Wally owned at least two piggeries, Wally’s Piggery near Yass and Tennessee Piggery near Young, which have now both been closed thanks to our campaign. At Wally's Piggery in Yass, located 20 minutes from Australia's Capital Territory, Wally personally bashed his pigs to death with a sledgehammer and hacked at their throats while his employees stood by drinking beer, some pigs taking up to 6 minutes to die as shown in footage from our undercover camera installation. The pigs' remains were left sometimes for days on end to be eaten by stray cats and other pigs.

Sows were confined to farrowing crate enclosures so tiny they can't turn around, and were repeatedly impregnated. Restricted space, filthy conditions, and abuse from employees resulted in the frequent injuries and deaths of the piglets and their mothers. Wally’s piggery is one example of what the pork industry is promoting as “sow stall free”.

Extract from RiotACT from user claiming to be a previous employee of Wally’s:

“I don't like the man and hated when i worked for him for a few months many years ago, .... The RSPCA came out when I worked there that was over 20 years ago nothing has changed in all that time. I hope he can be shut down or made to clean up his act. I doubt he could stay on the straight and narrow as he is a crime.You think he treats his pigs bad you should see how he treats his staff and worse his wife and daughters. I'm glad this has come to light and hope something is done not just in the short turn but for ever. I also think he has another farm or business somewhere else in the state.”

Extract from RiotACT from user who may be local to the Yass/Murrumbateman area:

“Actually the locals out in Murrumbateman and Yass have known for years something was very wrong with that piggery - some of the local youths get jobs there, I think, although I understood that no-one stayed there for long, and there was an air of “things that should never have been seen” about the experience from the locals who mentioned it... So it seemed common knowledge that it was a hell-hole, but small townspeople don’t get involved in that sort of thing... When I connect the dots, it appears to me now that the cook and the pub owner and the other locals from whom I heard about the piggery were extremely leery of Wally... as in, “reminds me of this guy called Ivan Milat” leery...”


  • 1984: Meat Industry Authority investigated Wally’s Piggery. Wally was convicted on charges of hinder and duress to an inspector.
  • 1988: Wally's Piggery and cattle-feed lot is being offered up for sale by tender through Dalgety Winchcombe of Yass. It is expected to sell for about $4 million when tenders close in mid-October. Situated on Dog Trap Road, about 30 kilometres from Yass, the 103-hectare property is being offered freehold. It includes about 8,000 pigs, a plant including three tractors, backhoe, tub grinder, feedout trailer, Volvo generator and two irrigation pumps.
    Featured also is a four-bedroom brick residence with a self-contained flat. The piggery consists of 12 pig sheds, a piggery feedmill, a weighbridge, a grain shed and an office staff room.
  • 1993: Meat Industry Authority investigated Wally’s Piggery. Wally was charged with three counts of resisting arrest, one count of assaulting a police officer, one count of refusing a breath test.
  • 1994: Wally was convicted of all charges in the Yass Local Court and fined $3,700.
  • 2002: Company changed its name to Walpig Pty. Ltd. Retaining “Wally’s Piggery as business name.
  • 2005: Purchased Tennessee/ Moneta Piggery from Ronald and Joyce Griffin.
  • 2006: Tennessee Piggery in Young owned by Wally Perenc, alleged that they would replace their antibiotics current at the time, with naturally occurring probiotics developed internationally.
    “Tennessee piggery and stud near Young, in the south-west region of southern NSW. Just hours old, these piglets are already showing the telltale signs of scouring, a condition which costs Australian pig producers about $7 million a year.”
    “Australia imports about 700 tonnes of antibiotics each year and more than half go into stock feed”
  • 2009: Wally Perenc from Wally’s Piggery in Young said his farm of 2000 animals had suffered from swine flu.
    “It started with swine flu, people stopped eating pork, the price dropped 60c a kilogram,” he said.
  • 2011: Wally was involved in a political stunt whereby he supplied a piglet (“Georgie Boy”) for a photo shoot. Nick Xenophon and Christine Milne were united in calling for a review of quarantine laws to protect the pork industry from “pig AIDS”.
    “...three-week-old Babe set up such a piercing shriek that Farmer Bill set the little bag of bacon free..”
  • 2012: Animal Liberation releases campaign against cruelty discovered at piggery
  • 2012: Excerpt from Parliamentary proceeding 12/09/2012, the honourable Cate Faehermann :
    “I have been told of a travesty of lax enforcement that preceded the current investigation into Wally's pig farm. Valenti Perenc, who is known as "Wally", is said to have been illegally slaughtering pigs at his premises and illegally selling the meat. Footage shows that he used a sledgehammer to slaughter the pigs and hacked at their throats while his staff drank beer and watched. Sometimes the pigs took as long as six minutes to die. Desmond Sibraa, a barrister and former meat inspector for the Federal and New South Wales governments, has made a statement about the history of enforcement action taken against Wally's piggery. He says the Meat Industry Authority - its functions have since been transferred to the New South Wales Food Authority - first started taking an interest in Wally's piggery as long ago as 1984. Wally was investigated and convicted of animal welfare offences twice between then and 1993. Mr Sibraa believes that the Food Authority has not inspected the piggery since 1993 and asks why. One can well ask why a person with Wally's record on animal welfare was allowed to continue in the piggery business. We can certainly ask why he was allowed to do so without any oversight...”

Piggeries owned by Wally Perenc

Tennessee Piggery
Tennessee Piggery
Wally's Piggery
Wally's Piggery
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