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    RSPCA drops charges against Wally's Piggery in suspicious circumstances

    Sat 29 Nov 2014 by Aussie Farms

    The 'Aussie Pigs' campaign started two years ago when we exposed Wally's Piggery, just outside Canberra. After receiving our footage on Thursday 2 August 2012, RSPCA NSW conducted an inspection alongside the police, DPI and Animal Welfare League NSW on Friday 3 August; the material was then published online to a massive uproar from concerned Australians and even made headlines internationally. Due to the overwhelming public response, Wally Perenc chose to close down his two piggeries.

    RSPCA NSW, who had pushed aside the police and AWL to take on the case to prosecute Wally, ultimately laid 53 charges of animal cruelty against him and his wife, one day before the statute of limitations was due to expire and only after repeated pressure from Animal Liberation. The 53 charges were based entirely upon their own inspections of the piggery, between initially receiving the footage on 2 August 2012 and the closure of the piggery in May 2013, choosing not to accept statements from the activists who obtained the footage or to use the footage at all in their prosecution. 

    Two weeks ago, RSPCA NSW voluntarily withdrew the 53 charges and have as yet failed to provide a reason for doing so, instead attempting to shift blame onto the activists by deceptively claiming that activists were not willing to provide statements (while admitting that this was not relevant to their case), and that the footage was provided to the media and published on social media before it was provided to the RSPCA, when in fact it was not even published until after the RSPCA's inspection, and first appeared in the media on Saturday 4 August. As in the images below, the Facebook timeline and the publish date of the Youtube video corroborate the order of events. RSPCA have also claimed that activists refused to provide statements relating to the footage, when in fact two statements were prepared, but were not accepted by RSPCA as they chose to base the prosecution entirely on their own findings.

    Original Facebook post
    Original Facebook post: Friday night (authorities raided Friday afternoon)

    Original Youtube video: published Friday night

    Original Youtube video: published Friday night


    RSPCA have since resorted to deleting any comments on their Facebook page which highlight these blatant lies or which demand to know what really happened. Anyone with information about any deals the RSPCA may have made behind the scenes are urged to come forward.

    Protests will be held on Saturday 13 December in Sydney (12pm at Sydney Town Hall) and Canberra (1pm at Garema Place), calling upon the RSPCA to explain why they dropped the charges and demanding justice for the thousands upon thousands of pigs who suffered at Wally's hands. While much of the cruelty we exposed at Wally's Piggery was legal and industry-standard, the fact that even the clear breaches of the law failed to gain a conviction highlights the inadequacy of the legal system and the RSPCA to protect farm animals in Australia, especially in light of the industry's push for "ag-gag" laws which would impose severe penalties upon the activists who expose the cruelty while praising farmers like Wally, Edwina Beveridge, and Ean Pollard.

    More information can be found here:!wallys-piggery-case-dismissed/c1sbn. The footage and photographs from Wally's Piggery and 33 others like it across the country can be viewed at