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Allain's Piggery

Petition: Shut Down Allain's Piggery

When you sign the petition, an email will be sent with the following letter along with your comment to these recipient(s):

Katrina Hodgkinson MP, Minister for Primary Industries

Dear [name],

I am writing to you in your capacity as the [position].

Information revealed recently from Aussie Farms' campaign against cruelty in the pork industry has alerted me to the inhumane practices being carried out at Allain's Piggery in Blakney Creek, NSW, which is owned by Allan and Elaine Howard.

I find these practices, including the use of farrowing crates and sow stalls, and regular mutilations like tail and teeth cutting carried out without pain relief, to be unacceptable.

I implore you to do all in your power to shut down Allain's Piggery immediately.

[your comment]

Yours sincerely,
[your name], [your postcode]

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  1. 2979

    Leanne Berghuis Wed 3/1/18 8:01pm

    All piggeries are a disgusting horror for beautiful, intelligent beings like pigs! ALL Should be SHUT DOWN and ABOLISHED!
    The future is Vegan!

  2. 2977

    Issaqueena Sparks Sat 7/10/17 2:57am

    Please consider pigs as any other family pets. I raised a pet pig around a bunch of my dogs and he actually learned to bark his grunts. He also had tastes for specific foods like us humans.

  3. 2964

    jennifer woolard Wed 15/2/17 4:54pm

    Shut down this concentration camp..only psychopaths could work here and own this facility.

  4. 2961

    Anonymous Tue 27/12/16 11:41am

    SHUT IT DOWN NOW!!!!!!!!

  5. 2960

    Anonymous Tue 20/12/16 12:58pm

    this sort of farming is out off date and cruel,

  6. 2958

    Clive Riseam Mon 19/12/16 5:56pm

    It's a travesty when in this day and age, we let GREED and CRUELTY exist - perhaps the beneficiaries of the $s might want them and their families to spend their existence like that, that they are forcing on these animals - and absolute disgrace - boycott them for starters.

  7. 2952

    Michele Cernik Sun 18/12/16 3:19pm

    Stop the cruelty now.

  8. 2951

    Michelle Cotterill Wed 7/12/16 8:47pm

    Stop this cruelty!

  9. 2950

    Christine Jones Wed 9/11/16 10:24pm

    I was one of a small number of people allowed to see inside a rural piggery. The farmer made every effort to improve the quality of the pigs' lives. Initiatives included ensuring the pens were clean, light and airy, giving the pigs items to chew and play with, making sure they had space to move, and playing soft music, which they definitely enjoyed. They even had preferences as to what sort of music they liked, and would react differently to different types. Compared to this, intensive factory farms are just horrible. You wouldn't wish that sort of life on your worst enemy. They've got to go.

  10. 2944

    Carmen Fri 24/6/16 9:59pm

    This is like a holocaust

  11. 2934

    Herb lowrance Fri 15/4/16 12:58pm

    Why can't we just show some compassion

  12. 2933

    Spyridoula Gerolymatou Thu 14/4/16 4:47am

    We don't need meat industry anymore. Enough!!

  13. 2923

    medi valaji Tue 23/2/16 5:49am


  14. 2919

    Danielle Hannon Fri 12/2/16 10:11pm

    Its got to stop !
    Peace for all living creatures

  15. 2918

    Samar Thu 11/2/16 9:55am

    Fint bilde av en liten skapning som har det bra. Og godt er det!Jeg leste genjnom posten som du henviste til.Enda en god grunn til e5 oppfordre alle til e5 tenke litt lenger enn bare her og ne5.Det finnes mange alternative og gode lf8sninger til sprf8yting osv., og som er harmlf8st for oss alle. Be5de mennesker og dyr.Vi vet nemlig ikke konsekvensene av alle lettvinte lf8sninger i dag. Vi er korttenkte og bortskjemte. Og se5 altfor lite kritiske! :(

  16. 2910

    Anonymous Tue 12/1/16 10:40pm

    Hope the people who do this rot in hell

  17. 2909

    Denis Boukhvalov Tue 5/1/16 11:46pm

    What if you, the people who slaughter the poor and helpless pigs, where in- humanly slaughtered like that?! How would you feel?! Would you still like that job?! You people who kills these poor and helpless pigs are monsters and you have no harts. God and people please save these little pigs!🐷🐽

  18. 2907

    Mitchell Parkinson Thu 17/12/15 10:23am

    Pigs have extremely complex emotions - they experience similar stress when being separated from their partner as humans do - and are having to suffer hearing the screams from inside the gas chamber. They scrabble desperately to escape.
    The footage shows a clearly disabled pig, unable to walk into a gas chamber, repeatedly prodded with an electric goad before a frustrated abattoir worker jumps into the run and kicks it twice.
    I believe everyone who eats pork should watch this film. If they are unmoved then fine, continue to eat pork, otherwise STOP, or at the very least make sure you know the supplier has eared and killed the animals in the lost humane ways possible.

  19. 2901

    Carol Keith Fri 4/12/15 2:51pm

    Much like I have said before.These animals deserve to be treated with respect and not forced to live in ultra abusive ways.If you must eat pork then try to imagine what these animals go through in your "piggeries".Install cameras to dictate the highest care and maintenance.Pay your employees more so that they care about what they do.Instill work ethics that must be maintained,and if you can't do that,then close these hell holes down.

  20. 2896

    Virginia Greenwood-Warner Thu 3/12/15 4:39pm

    Please please shut own Alain's Piggery right now!!

  21. 2891

    Jayne Evans Thu 3/12/15 8:38am

    I am horrified ! To see the conditions these poor animals live in and the cruel treatment they endure!

  22. 2880

    giovanna Thu 3/12/15 12:39am

    Basta tutto questo orrore

  23. 2873

    Genomiel Gines Wed 2/12/15 10:43pm

    End the brutal cruelty to pigs in Lansdowne Piggery

  24. 2862

    Autumn Goodhue Wed 2/12/15 3:39pm

    Please shut this horrible facility down immediately. Pigs are intelligent and sentient beings who deserve to live healthy lives.

  25. 2841

    Scott Miles Wed 25/11/15 8:50pm

    This is disgusting and if anyone had any scrap of morals or dignity, they would put an end to this barbaric treatment of a fellow earth dweller.

  26. 2840

    Sarah Nightingale Wed 25/11/15 5:33pm

    Please, stop this unnecessary tragedy. It's bad for human health and causes suffering for animals. The pay off isn't worth it.

  27. 2838

    Anonymous Mon 23/11/15 7:41pm

    Make it stop

  28. 2836

    Jezebel Let2 Mon 23/11/15 5:48pm

    Please stop this madness!!!

  29. 2835

    Ralph Graham Mon 23/11/15 3:34pm

    Rising awareness shows killing animals to be unnecessary, highly inefficient ( for producing protein) , and downright inhumane. The cruelty in this piggery is unjustifiable and degrading to good people.

  30. 2832

    Layra xavier Mon 23/11/15 11:16am

    Animal cruelty, I can't stand it. Go Vegan!

  31. 2822

    Adriana Bellemans Sat 21/11/15 7:54pm

    Please cease this cruelty. it's time to think outside the box & come up with new things to farm that are sustainable & don't involve the taking of lives.

  32. 2820

    Mitchell Parkinson Sat 21/11/15 6:51pm

    Please please stop this cruelty and have some compassion in your heart!

  33. 2816

    Melissa Jane Hall Sat 21/11/15 4:48pm

    stop this madness, there is no need for this cruelty

  34. 2809

    Nick Margerison Sat 21/11/15 2:04pm

    This is a horrendous practice. It must stop.

  35. 2802

    Christopher Emil Wenner Sat 21/11/15 11:01am

    There is no need to kill animals with the abundance of plant based foods in the world. Humane killing is a myth and only serves to distance us from the murder and mutilation done behind closed doors and served up in pretty packaging.

  36. 2798

    Renata Halpin Sat 21/11/15 7:07am

    I find it so sad that we have to sign petitions to ask humans to stop being cruel to animals, but here I am. If you are reading this, watch Lucent and stop buying products that cause the need for these farmers to breed and kill these beautiful animals. Open your hearts. Animals need our help. how we are treating them is wrong, and with knowledge comes RESPONSIBILITY.

  37. 2797

    Joanne McCarthy Sat 21/11/15 6:50am

    Animals cannot be treated this way.

  38. 2789

    Tanisha de Villiers Fri 20/11/15 11:00pm

    Shut this place down for good and put the owners in jail to rot.

  39. 2779

    Maria Mitchell Fri 20/11/15 10:12pm

    We have no right to inflict misery pain and suffering on any living being. It's time to evolve!

  40. 2778

    Samantha Hall Fri 20/11/15 10:09pm

    I am vehemently opposed to the abhorent torture of these highly intellegent, sentient, loving, innocent, helpless creatures who are at the mercy of humans choice of treatment inflictent upon them - please please have mercy on these beautiful animals and allow them to live the life they were put on this earth to do, to love and nurture their babies, and have a fear free and pain free existence - they are NO different to your pet dog or cat and deserve the same respect and protection. Humans have NO right to exploit them to simply satisfy their tastebuds. Most people eat "meat" only because most people eat meat - this is a rapidly decreasing trend, thank God. It is 2015 and time to EVOLVE to behave like the so called superior intelliget beings that we proport to be

  41. 2777

    Seaan Winchester Fri 20/11/15 9:58pm

    Vegan For LIFE


    Banish this hell from our green Earth!

  42. 2776

    David Hearne Fri 20/11/15 9:50pm

    I implore you to take action against such heinous animal cruelty. If not you, then who?

  43. 2768

    Tammy James Sun 11/10/15 12:06pm

    how disgusting !!! is this really necessary to farm pigs in this in humane putrid conditions?! I think not!!!

  44. 2765

    Anonymous Fri 18/9/15 3:24pm

    Katrina Hodgkinson MP, Minister for Primary Industries, Please do something and shut down these piggeries.

  45. 2764

    Ylenia Baglieri Fri 18/9/15 1:07am

    Stop Animal Abuse and Cruelty. Animal Protection Laws!

  46. 2761

    Suzanne Jump Tue 18/8/15 4:08am

    These are living beings and they are living in appallingly unacceptable conditions. They deserve to have a life.

  47. 2755

    Christine Ashby Sun 12/7/15 9:05pm

    Stop this cruel practice and start treating animals how you would like to be treated. They have the ability to feel complex emotions like you do, have similar internal organs to you so why do you treat them like objects? Criminals do not even get treated this way and these animals have never caused harm to anyone. Learn to have some compassion for those that do not have a voice.

  48. 2754

    Kerry Cossins Tue 7/7/15 7:28pm

    I have now ceased eating all animal products due to the cruelty involved in how they are treated (mistreated). If companies cannot accept and do the right thing, then I will be part of the solution in solving the animal cruelty issue. Have a heart people, we are all in this world together. If companies cannot manage how animal are treated, then if there is no demand, change will have to occur. Nothing can be gained from cruelty

  49. 2747

    Amber Jarvis Fri 22/5/15 10:38am

    Katrina, I implore you to do all in your power to shut down Allain's Piggery immediately. STOP THIS CRUELTY!! DO SOMETHING NOW!

  50. 2746

    Anonymous Sun 17/5/15 6:39pm

    Please shut this facility down. This is animal abuse plain and simple, it should not be occurring in the 21st century!

  51. 2741

    aline pereira Mon 27/4/15 7:57am

    Stop this barbaric costum!

  52. 2738

    Anita Skewes Tue 14/4/15 2:11pm

    Compassion for all living beings:)

  53. 2731

    Jeannine Kühn-Wiebershausen Sat 7/2/15 10:05pm

    Gegen Tierleid!
    Wir wollen glückliche Tiere!

  54. 2724

    Anonymous Thu 5/2/15 3:35am

    ASSINEM a petiçâo!

  55. 2723

    Danuta Kolcz Sun 1/2/15 8:49am

    This cruelty cannot continue!

  56. 2712

    Anonymous Sun 18/1/15 5:44pm

    L'odio verso gli animali e' la sconfitta dell'intelligenza umana e colui che non la rispetta non merita di vivere.

  57. 2707

    Anonymous Sat 17/1/15 6:45pm


  58. 2698

    Ohnie Lo Sat 17/1/15 6:20am

    We need to stop the selfish acts of human beings who think they have the right to treat animals with such barbarism and cruelty. These animals are living creatures and deserve every right to live a normal life.

  59. 2693

    sonia sam Sat 17/1/15 2:16am


  60. 2691

    Barbra Stoma Fri 16/1/15 10:51pm

    Freedom for all animals . They have feelings as we have !

  61. 2687

    christine davies Fri 16/1/15 8:38pm

    you should not treat animal so cruel would you like it done to you

  62. 2686

    Julie jones Fri 16/1/15 8:10pm

    This is animal cruelty!!!!

  63. 2684

    Martina Grimova Fri 16/1/15 4:50pm

    hrozný zacházení s malinkýma prasátkama

  64. 2683

    Manreet Sandhu Fri 16/1/15 3:12pm

    Please have fear of God..he never wanted us humans to impose so much cruelty on poor animals..animals are such sensitive beings..they have always been so loyal to humans..then why are we being so cruel to them?...please end this cruel pork factories..God will bless you

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