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Boen Boe Stud Piggery

Petition: Shut Down Boen Boe Stud Piggery

When you sign the petition, an email will be sent with the following letter along with your comment to these recipient(s):

Katrina Hodgkinson MP, Minister for Primary Industries

Dear [name],

I am writing to you in your capacity as the [position].

Information revealed recently from Aussie Farms' campaign against cruelty in the pork industry has alerted me to the inhumane practices being carried out at Boen Boe Stud Piggery in Joadja, NSW.

In the video footage captured by activists, I saw sows confined to tiny metal and concrete cages within 'farrowing crates'. In these hard-floored crates, piglets were found dead and dying. I saw pigs with up to six chunks taken out of their ears, a process performed on piglets at a few days of age without any pain relief.

I implore you to do all in your power to shut down Boen Boe Stud Piggery immediately.

[your comment]

Yours sincerely,
[your name], [your postcode]

Aussie Farms

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  5. 1361

    jennifer woolard Wed 15/2/17 4:56pm

    Shut down this concentration camp..only psychopaths could work here and own this facility.

  6. 1359

    Clive Riseam Mon 19/12/16 5:57pm

    It's a travesty when in this day and age, we let GREED and CRUELTY exist - perhaps the beneficiaries of the $s might want them and their families to spend their existence like that, that they are forcing on these animals - and absolute disgrace - boycott them for starters.

  7. 1354

    Michelle Cotterill Wed 7/12/16 8:46pm

    Stop this cruelty!

  8. 1353

    Christine Jones Wed 9/11/16 10:19pm

    I was one of a small number of people allowed to see inside a rural piggery. The farmer made every effort to improve the quality of the pigs' lives. Initiatives included ensuring the pens were clean and airy, giving the pigs items to chew and play with, making sure they had space to move, and playing soft music, which they definitely enjoyed. They even had preferences as to what sort of music they liked, and would react differently to different types. Compared to this, large intensive factory farms are just horrible. You wouldn't wish that sort of life on your worst enemy. They've got to go.

  9. 1341

    Spyridoula Gerolymatou Thu 14/4/16 4:47am

    We don't need meat industry anymore. Enough!!

  10. 1332

    Denis Boukhvalov Tue 5/1/16 11:44pm

    What if you, the people who slaughter the poor and helpless pigs, where in- humanly slaughtered like that?! How would you feel?! Would you still like that job?! You people who kills these poor and helpless pigs are monsters and you have no harts. God and people please save these little pigs!🐷🐽

  11. 1330

    Mitchell Parkinson Thu 17/12/15 10:23am

    Pigs have extremely complex emotions - they experience similar stress when being separated from their partner as humans do - and are having to suffer hearing the screams from inside the gas chamber. They scrabble desperately to escape.
    The footage shows a clearly disabled pig, unable to walk into a gas chamber, repeatedly prodded with an electric goad before a frustrated abattoir worker jumps into the run and kicks it twice.
    I believe everyone who eats pork should watch this film. If they are unmoved then fine, continue to eat pork, otherwise STOP, or at the very least make sure you know the supplier has eared and killed the animals in the lost humane ways possible.

  12. 1324

    Scott Miles Wed 25/11/15 8:48pm

    This is disgusting and if anyone had any scrap of morals or dignity, they would put an end to this barbaric treatment of a fellow earth dweller.

  13. 1321

    Jezebel Leto Mon 23/11/15 5:51pm

    Please stop this madness!

  14. 1320

    Ralph Graham Mon 23/11/15 3:31pm

    Rising awareness shows killing animals to be unnecessary, highly inefficient ( for producing protein) , and downright inhumane. The cruelty in this piggery is unjustifiable and degrading to good people.

  15. 1317

    Layra xavier Mon 23/11/15 11:14am

    Animal cruelty, I can't stand it. Go Vegan!

  16. 1308

    Mitchell Parkinson Sat 21/11/15 6:50pm

    Please please stop this cruelty and have some compassion in your heart!

  17. 1304

    Melissa Jane hall Sat 21/11/15 4:46pm

    stop this madness, there is no need for this cruelty

  18. 1294

    Christopher Emil Wenner Sat 21/11/15 11:01am

    There is no need to kill animals with the abundance of plant based foods in the world. Humane killing is a myth and only serves to distance us from the murder and mutilation done behind closed doors and served up in pretty packaging.

  19. 1292

    Renata Halpin Sat 21/11/15 7:09am

    I find it so sad that we have to sign petitions to ask humans to stop being cruel to animals, but here I am. If you are reading this, watch Lucent and stop buying products that cause the need for these farmers to breed and kill these beautiful animals. Open your hearts. Animals need our help. how we are treating them is wrong, and with knowledge comes RESPONSIBILITY.

  20. 1283

    Tanisha de Villiers Fri 20/11/15 11:03pm

    Bastards need to be shut down and jailed.

  21. 1275

    Maria Mitchell Fri 20/11/15 10:16pm

    We have no right to inflict a life of misery and suffering on innocent living beings. It's time to evolve!

  22. 1274

    Samantha Hall Fri 20/11/15 10:08pm

    I am vehemently opposed to the abhorent torture of these highly intellegent, sentient, loving, innocent, helpless creatures who are at the mercy of humans choice of treatment inflictent upon them - please please have mercy on these beautiful animals and allow them to live the life they were put on this earth to do, to love and nurture their babies, and have a fear free and pain free existence - they are NO different to your pet dog or cat and deserve the same respect and protection. Humans have NO right to exploit them to simply satisfy their tastebuds. Most people eat "meat" only because most people eat meat - this is a rapidly decreasing trend, thank God. It is 2015 and time to EVOLVE to behave like the so called superior intelliget beings that we proport to be

  23. 1272

    Seaan Winchester Fri 20/11/15 9:54pm

    Vegan For LIFE


    Banish this hell from our green Earth!

  24. 1263

    Suzanne Jump Tue 18/8/15 4:06am

    These are living beings and they are living in appallingly unacceptable conditions. They deserve to have a life.

  25. 1260

    Kerry Cossins Tue 7/7/15 7:27pm

    I have now ceased eating all animal products due to the cruelty involved in how they are treated (mistreated). If companies cannot accept and do the right thing, then I will be part of the solution in solving the animal cruelty issue. Have a heart people, we are all in this world together. If companies cannot manage how animal are treated, then if there is no demand, change will have to occur. Nothing can be gained from cruelty

  26. 1256

    Amber Jarvis Fri 22/5/15 10:32am

    Katrina, I implore you to do all in your power to shut down Boen Boe Stud Piggery immediately. How do you ignore these pleas when you surely can see that this is the saddest and most horrible, cruel way to treat animals. Are you not in tears when you see pigs getting treated absolutely appallingly!! You are not a human being if you do nothing about this!

  27. 1255

    Anonymous Sun 17/5/15 6:38pm

    Please shut this facility down. This is animal abuse plain and simple, it should not be occurring in the 21st century!

  28. 1252

    Anita Skewes Tue 14/4/15 2:09pm

    Compassion for all living beings:)

  29. 1249

    Anonymous Thu 9/4/15 6:01pm

    I’m a 17 year old living in the highlands, and I was disgusted to find out that something like this is happening so close to home.
    Pigs are living creatures, and their intelligence levels are the same as, if not higher than, that of 3 year old children. If someone so much as hits a child they can be imprisoned for years, yet somehow the Australian Government considers it appropriate to have grown adults keeping animals that suffer from stress and experience pain and fear just as we humans do, locked up in torturous conditions.
    It blows my mind to think that while my 8 year old sister can see that this piggery is nothing short of criminal, adults, people that my generation should be able to look up to as role models, appear to have no problem treating living beings like shit just to gain a profit. The Government should be ashamed of the country they are running and the hideous behaviour they’re allowing. It’s time to put a stop to this cruelty and shut down not only Boen Boe, but all inhumane establishments like it.

  30. 1242

    Paul Johnson Mon 5/1/15 5:08pm

    End this vile barbaric trade now go vegan

  31. 1241

    Mell Lintern Sat 3/1/15 10:19am

    There is NOTHING RIGHT ABOUT THIS! You are abusing and torturing animals for profit! What don't you understand about this?

  32. 1239

    Shanon Bell Wed 24/12/14 1:18am

    Pigs have the same level of intelligence as a 6 year old child. Australia would not allow a human to be treated in this disgustingly cruel manner yet we allow it in piggeries? Animals feel pain, suffer from stress and experience fear just the same as us. Make Australia a kinder country and put these cruel companies out of business! Be remembered for doing the RIGHT thing.

  33. 1233

    Jenny Kyng Mon 15/12/14 1:21am

    The cruelty and abuse that takes place in this piggery and others as part of normal standard practice is absolutely disgusting and utterly indefensible morally. The animals lives terrible lives and die in terror and in pain. These creatures are sentient beings. They feel pain, fear, horror and, like all mammals, grief. It is the height of ignorance and barbarity to assume that it is OK to treat sentient beings as if they were merely bits of machinery simply because they are animals. We too are animals. What outrage would we feel if a supposedly superior being treated us in this way? If we can treat animals like this then we can also treat our fellow humans appallingly, simply by designating them inferior.

  34. 1231

    Wendy Frere Sat 13/12/14 1:15pm

    The intelligence and empathy of pigs have been established for a long time. It's criminal the way they're treated in most piggeries. These needlessly cruel practices must be stopped immediately.

  35. 1229

    Julie Ardill Thu 11/12/14 8:39pm

    Pigs have the intelligence of a 3 year old. Imagine that, what a nightmare existence. It cannot continue.

  36. 1228

    Deanna Wiley Thu 11/12/14 12:00pm

    I write this is absolute utter disgust and a heavy heart on behalf of the mistreated animals all over Australia

    This farm needs to be shut down completely and the owner and managers all charged to never work in this industry ever again ensuring they do not open up again under any other name!

    If there is one thing you can do with your power you have is to help those who are helpless then please do this, not only will you earn some respect of those who are animal activists you will also be seen by the public as having a heart and good intentions.

    It is 2014 we should be moving forward as a nation and society not moving backwards and all becoming less aware of what is happening around us and careless.

    It is such a harsh reality that this is now seen as acceptable.

    Stop this now!

  37. 1223

    Mathieu Hullige Mon 1/12/14 7:00am

    I was shocked to see such conditions! Pigs deserve better! They are human beeing. Probably smarter then the owners of this shit-hole!
    Australia should be ashamed of place like this...!

    It's time you freaking do something!

  38. 1221

    Sharon Koh Sat 29/11/14 8:25pm

    How can people commit such cruelty and be allowed to do so??

  39. 1216

    Adrianna Mammino Tue 25/11/14 8:29pm

    I demand a stop to this violently cruel and disgusting industry. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND NEEDS TO STOP.

  40. 1212

    Kim Webster Sat 15/11/14 8:23pm

    The appalling conditions these animals endure everyday is really happening and not speculation. Your help is needed. Housing and breeding pigs this way is cruel and wrong

  41. 1211

    rose gallant Wed 5/11/14 2:17pm

    Please shut down this house of horrors. And, please prosecute the offenders.

  42. 1210

    cecilie drogseth Tue 4/11/14 7:57am

    we live in 2014 not for hundred years ago

  43. 1205

    Anna Franklin Thu 30/10/14 8:56am

    Shame, shame, shame on all those people who could put a stop to this!!!

  44. 1203

    Anonymous Wed 8/10/14 2:43pm

    Please close this down

  45. 1200

    antonio gargiulo Sat 27/9/14 5:20pm

    E' molto crudele

  46. 1197

    Donna Dixon Sat 13/9/14 12:43pm

    Please shut this horrible place down

  47. 1191

    Anonymous Fri 12/9/14 5:52pm

    These pictures don't capture at all the depths of horror in this decrepit facility called a pig farm. The smell and the condition these poor animals are in is abhorrent.

    Please, please help, this place is not safe for animals or workers for that matter, it needs a compete overhaul or the business to cease immediately.

  48. 1173

    Kavitha P Fri 12/9/14 12:49am

    Stop this cruelty!

  49. 1169

    Hohn ionela Thu 11/9/14 11:43pm

    Stop tortura animalelor

  50. 1155

    Kirrily stewart Thu 11/9/14 9:28pm

    Have some common decency. For Christs sake this is disgusting

  51. 1150

    Marianne Juhler Thu 11/9/14 9:05pm

    treat others the way you want to be treated yourself

  52. 1145

    Sheila Camino Thu 11/9/14 8:31pm

    These pigs need care and attention as do their mothers. Please change your ways to help the mums look after their babes adequately and with the love that all sentient beings deserve.

  53. 1139

    Nancy Elder Wed 23/7/14 8:15pm

    We must act to stop this cruelty, it is inhumane, disgusting and has no place in the 21st century.

  54. 1132

    HELENA GLAZAR HOFBAUER Fri 11/7/14 6:56pm


  55. 1120

    Michelle Cheiney Mon 30/6/14 4:12am


  56. 1118

    Lisa Galway Sun 29/6/14 2:00pm

    Meat is murder - stop killing animals for food, skins, furs, medicinal and product testing.

  57. 1116

    Patricia Hughes Sun 29/6/14 10:03am


  58. 1110

    João Miguel Ferreira Fri 27/6/14 4:13am


  59. 1104

    Monica Odgers Thu 26/6/14 7:57am

    "The moral progress of a nation can be measured in how it treats its animals" -- Mahatma Gandhi. Humans must strive to be compassionate caregivers, protectors and stewards of the planet and its beings. Helping not harming. To create an environment where all sentient beings are treated with compassion and respect. Never to die needlessly or cruelly. These vulnerable, innocent, sensitive beings have the right to live “cruelty-free” in peace.

  60. 1103

    Johanna Tunks Wed 25/6/14 7:25pm

    To keep any animals in these conditions is cruelty! Pigs have feelings. This must stop it is unacceptable!

  61. 1099

    Janis Meyers Thu 19/6/14 9:20am

    Pigs feel pain & fear. The same as us.

  62. 1097

    Evette Carter Wed 18/6/14 4:28pm

    Please shut down.

  63. 1096

    Ivanov Laura Wed 18/6/14 4:05pm

    Please stop animal cruelty!

  64. 1094

    Lorena Mendoza Wed 18/6/14 1:12pm


  65. 1092

    Anthony Pillay Wed 18/6/14 10:03am

    Cruelty to animals is a crime !

  66. 1091

    Deirdre Milliron Wed 18/6/14 9:36am

    Stop the slaughter of these sensitive, intelligent, defenseless fellow Earthlings. This is wrong on every level.

  67. 1090

    sian williams Wed 18/6/14 9:00am

    EVIL !!

  68. 1089

    ngoc kim Wed 18/6/14 8:55am

    STOP the cruel deaths of innocent lives!

  69. 1083

    eileen orth sokolowski Thu 5/6/14 9:11am

    Please close down this cruel slaughterhouse. I do not eat pork and let the pigs and piglets live a free and peaceful life as God intended.

  70. 1081

    Fleur Barrell Mon 2/6/14 5:03pm

    I will never forget the sound of the squealing pigs in the video footage I forced myself to watch to shock me into becoming vegetarian once and for all (as they were being lowered into the so-called " humane gas chamber"). They were so terrified and suffering, I can hardly go on living knowing what tens of thousands of creatures must endure every day around the world. I know of a Pig farmer who ended up killing himself. Gee I wonder why?

    The governments that allow this to happen should be ashamed of themselves & humans are filth for not rising up against these cruel practices.

  71. 1079

    Dallas Mennie Sat 31/5/14 12:17am

    I'm horrified about how we can let people be this cruel to animals. The lack of preventing these practices is as bad as doing them ourself.
    It doesn't need to be done this way...

    Please help stop this inhumane business. 

  72. 1078

    Dr Eleonora Gullone Fri 30/5/14 2:35pm

    Please close down this cruel establishment.

  73. 1077

    Grete Kongshaug Fri 30/5/14 4:58am

    Shame on Australian politicians.There are other values than money in the world. Money is just a servant not a master. Its time to show dignity.

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