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Corowa Piggery & Abattoir

Petition: Shut Down All Rivalea Slaughterhouses and Piggeries

Rivalea Australia is the country's largest pig killing company, and one of the most highly-regarded. It is clear that there is no humane way of killing pigs for food.

I demand that all piggeries and slaughterhouses owned by Rivalea are shut down, though I accept that they are only one part of the problem, and as such I pledge to do all that I can to stop supporting this inherently cruel, disgusting industry.

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  1. 2553

    sebastian bauer Fri 23/2/18 1:32pm

    This is fucked!

  2. 2550

    Tim Boyce Tue 13/2/18 1:07pm

    Disgusting treatment of an intelligent animal.

  3. 2549

    Tara Reid Tue 13/2/18 12:52pm

    I have actively chosen not to eat pig products for over a year and will continue to boycott them for me and my family as well as actively petition to shut down the cruelty.

  4. 2548

    Sharn Cook Sat 20/1/18 7:56pm

    I'm so disgusted at all the cruelty .. I don't understand how humans can do anything like this and not be ashamed and heartbroken at the suffering

  5. 2547

    Leanne Berghuis Wed 3/1/18 7:57pm

    What a horrific way t treat these lovely intelligent sentient beings. Nothing but pain and torchure for their short lives!
    It is so shocking that these industries are allowed to exist with the protection of laws. Allowed to conduct these barbaric operations in private away from the the eyes of ignorant consumers!
    This whole industry is beyond cruel and its digusting that intelligent being like humans allow innocent animals to be exploited this way.
    The future is vegan! Theses disgusting industries should all be shut down! At the very least these greedy industries should adopt new technology of CLEAN meat, that way at least no animal will suffer. Wildlife and the natural environment will have a chance to recover from deforestation.

  6. 2544

    sasha black Tue 5/12/17 12:21pm

    be kind please

  7. 2539

    Nick Holloway Wed 27/9/17 6:29pm

    Appalling cruelty. Shut them down.

  8. 2537

    Keshna Olding Sat 23/9/17 10:41am

    These beautiful and intelligent animals deserve our kindness and love... What they are subjected to is an abomination. My heart breaks every day for these sentient beings... STOP THE MADNESS!

  9. 2536

    amy roehrenbeck Mon 11/9/17 8:46am

    please stop the madness--I just cant even grasp the cruelty--its so unbelievable-my god--

  10. 2535

    Katey McMurray Sat 9/9/17 4:55am

    This is horrible and needs to be stopped. We have no right to hurt these beautiful earthlings.

  11. 2534

    Jacqui Veldhuis Wed 6/9/17 3:42am

    So distressing how we treatnthe beautiful creatures
    The fact that we allow kosher and halal killing discussed me

  12. 2529

    Henrietta Komras Wed 30/8/17 7:21am

    We "humans" have NO RIGHT to use animals in any way

    If we dont stop we will also go extinct at some point which given the way we treat animals we be a fitting end to our Nazi-like behaviors and our sadistic way of life

  13. 2527

    Stacey Thwaites Thu 24/8/17 7:10pm


  14. 2518

    Ellice Crowell-Denehey Mon 24/7/17 11:33am

    Animals are no less then what we are, we are equals to what matters, we all share a heart and a brain. These animals can feel pain, they can feel love and they can suffer. What were doing as a community is selfish and appalling. They deserve better and so do we, do the best you can do today and go vegan.

  15. 2517

    Natalie heywood Sun 16/7/17 3:45pm

    I refuse to eat pork due to the inhuman way these intelligent and beautiful animals are treated. The perpetrators of this crime need to be named and shamed and the owners need their licences revoked.

  16. 2516

    Lisa Foo Mon 10/7/17 7:48pm

    So much suffering.
    It has to end.

  17. 2515

    Ashleigh Grace Baker Tue 4/7/17 7:10pm

    The treatment of these animals is absolutely disgusting. The level of intelligence that pigs posses alone, should warrant the end of this abuse. The consumption of pork is comparable to the consumption of a young human child, or your family pets. Which would be deemed criminal in every sense of the word, and no doubtledly result in charges. Why do we have one set of standards on how we treat a species of animal/being and totally disregard those standards towards animals that are 'acceptable' to be cruelly slaughtered. This behaviour is disgusting, barbaric and ultimately subhuman.

  18. 2513

    Catherine Willis Sat 24/6/17 2:03pm

    I sure hope you return to this earth as a pig!

  19. 2509

    jessie curtis Tue 6/6/17 1:28pm

    until every cage is empty

  20. 2507

    Emily Matkovich Wed 31/5/17 6:22pm

    For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, those who sow the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.

  21. 2506

    Karyn souder Tue 30/5/17 1:39pm

    Cruelty toward any living being is an atrocity. I do not support factory farming. I would rather go without meat than support this operating ethos. Protect the unprotected, vote with your purchases and give a voice to those who are ignored in our society.

  22. 2505

    Peta Roberts Fri 26/5/17 6:22pm

    Pigs are intelligent and sentient animals.

    What is occurring in these piggeries and slaughterhouses is nothing less than an atrocity. Why can't we recognise the beauty, the wonder and the variety of life and show respect for it. It is as though humans have lost their way. The idea of farming with the sole purpose of killing, is shameful but made all the more by those that show contempt for the sacrifice, contempt for the animal that keeps so many alive, contempt for the animal that provides them with and income and occupation. “Contempt” is not the right word. What is witnessed is cruelty, sickening, deplorable cruelty.

    Pope Francis said “Each creature possesses its own particular goodness and perfection… Each of the various creatures, willed in its own being, reflects in its own way a ray of God’s infinite wisdom and goodness. Man must therefore respect the particular goodness of every creature” and “Eternal life will be a shared experience of awe, in which each creature, resplendently transfigured, will take its rightful place."

    Tolstoy said, "As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields". As we move into the 21st century the world is lurching under the burgeoning human population. If we have any chance of surviving as a species into the 22nd century we need to develop a kinder was of living...and it start here. It starts with closing all piggeries and slaughterhouses owned by Rivalea.

  23. 2501

    Jason Nguyen Wed 3/5/17 6:44pm


  24. 2500

    Anna Shen Wed 3/5/17 6:42pm

    Animals don't have a voice, they are innocent beings that don't deserve any of this!

  25. 2499

    Anonymous Thu 13/4/17 11:09am

    I am more in favour of not eating pig meat, as the demand is supporting how the pigs industry is operating. I've been feeling uneasy about eating pig products for a while, and this confirms I won't be eating it.

  26. 2497

    Louis Adderley Wed 22/3/17 12:54am


  27. 2496

    Ian Hudson Sun 19/3/17 5:12pm

    There's no wrong time to make the right decision - Carmelo Anthony

  28. 2495

    Andy Liu Sun 19/3/17 2:09pm

    This is absolutely trash. How can people be this cruel

  29. 2488

    Lynette Fitzgerald Tue 14/3/17 5:43pm

    It's time to consider what we're doing to animals who feel and think.
    Enough is enough.
    Shut Rivalea down.

  30. 2485

    Anonymous Sat 11/3/17 5:09pm

    Please stop an end to this inhumanity. Don't we still have some compassion? They did nothing to deserve this.

  31. 2484

    Jackie Filipovic Tue 7/3/17 2:19pm

    Stop this cruelty! Its so horrible. I support the shutting down of Rivalea!!

  32. 2482

    jennifer woolard Wed 15/2/17 4:53pm

    Shut down these concentration camps..only psychopaths could be employed at these facilities.

  33. 2478

    Karen Wolf Fri 30/12/16 9:10am


  34. 2477

    Wayne kenndy Thu 29/12/16 9:47pm

    Its absolutely barbaric.

  35. 2476

    Petra Jones Wed 28/12/16 6:41pm

    Shut this horrific slaughterhouse down

  36. 2475

    Anonymous Tue 27/12/16 11:37am


  37. 2474

    wendy kurka Mon 19/12/16 11:04pm

    I agree with the below comments

  38. 2471

    Clive Riseam Mon 19/12/16 6:02pm

    It's a travesty when in this day and age, we let GREED and CRUELTY exist - perhaps the beneficiaries of the $s might want them and their families to spend their existence like that, that they are forcing on these animals - and absolute disgrace - boycott them for starters.

  39. 2470

    Chrissy Mon 19/12/16 5:36pm

    Why is this inhumane practice continuing in our country?
    What is going on in these piggeries and abotoirs is a gross breech of our animal laws - isnt it enough these animals are bred for human consumption that they have to live such misery - how incredibly sad and how incredibly vile the owners are to condone this daily abuse of beasts which deserve no less than our gratefulness for giving their lives

  40. 2467

    Heather Delvendiep Mon 19/12/16 3:59pm

    There has to be a kinder way, stop this cruel confinement and slaughter methods.

  41. 2466

    Karen Hatti Mon 19/12/16 3:28pm

    Shut down these inhumane farms.

  42. 2465

    Anusha Dassanayake Mon 19/12/16 2:20pm

    Wish people can put themselves in these animals' situation and think for a second. It's truly so sad.

  43. 2463

    Lea McKiernan Mon 19/12/16 12:32pm

    What a disgusting example of the human race.

  44. 2460

    Tracey Clarke Sun 18/12/16 10:08am

    Yes, it's a necessary evil that people need to farm animals to eat but do they have to torture them as well?!
    Please have some respect for animals.

  45. 2459

    Libby Thorpe Sat 17/12/16 10:47pm

    Get the pork off your fork. I suggest these law/policy makers or whoever it is take their children or Grandchildren to see what is the TRUE outcome of their decisions.

  46. 2455

    sue shapple Wed 7/12/16 11:38pm

    Please stop this kind of treatment of Pigs and animals .. they deserve better ...I will not be eating any pork products and haven't since seeing this kind of abuse.

  47. 2453

    Michelle Cotterill Wed 7/12/16 8:38pm

    Stop this cruelty

  48. 2451

    Autumn considine Tue 6/12/16 2:12am

    The standards at this facility are HORRIBLE. This needs to end

  49. 2447

    Anonymous Sun 27/11/16 3:10pm

    This horrendous cruelty and suffering of sentient animals has to be headlines all over Australia.
    Paul McCartney said "if slaughterhouses had glass walls all the world would be vegetarians".
    Sow stalls are prisons causing deprivation of the worst kind.
    Baby piglets are born on concrete, die on concrete,
    They are castrated,have teeth clipped and tails cut off,all without pain relief - pain is suffered for days on end
    Why are these beautiful intelligent animals not protected by law.
    The operators that control these hell holes need to be seen for what they are - profit driven,callous individuals who should experience the same treatment they dish out to voiceless victims.

  50. 2446

    Fernanda Lemos Sat 26/11/16 1:16am

    Rivalea Australia is the country's largest pig killing company, and one of the most highly-regarded. It is clear that there is no humane way of killing pigs for food.

    I demand that all piggeries and slaughterhouses owned by Rivalea are shut down, though I accept that they are only one part of the problem, and as such I pledge to do all that I can to stop supporting this inherently cruel, disgusting industry.

  51. 2444

    Paul Reilly Mon 21/11/16 8:15am

    How can this be happening in this day and age? Something must be done. It must be stopped.

  52. 2442

    Vivienne Reicher Fri 18/11/16 4:20pm

    Obviously there are a lot of people out there in the industry who would have worked with Hitler: gassings and killings of animals is horrendously cruel. It also renders the meat far less healthy with the deprivation of oxygen, tbe injections of gas and the release of stress hormones.

    Additionally breeding animals in cages, causing innocent beings ( they are animal beings), improving them to a life of deprivation, is the outcome of horrendous animal manufacturing.

    A pig away keeps the swines at bay
    A friendly pig is worth more than a bacon rash
    A happy pig doesn't want to be on your plate
    A gassed pig on your plate makes for severe stomach ache
    A stressed system and a sickening odour
    When you eat prisoner of war pigs

  53. 2441

    Anonymous Thu 17/11/16 1:09am

    humans do not have to be cruel. vegan eating

  54. 2439

    Krystel Matthews Tue 1/11/16 2:56pm

    This is horrific

  55. 2438

    Anonymous Wed 26/10/16 7:03am

    Please stop the slaughter of innocent animals.

  56. 2436

    Bethany Woods Thu 20/10/16 9:31pm

    Animals are mammals right? Yes and humans are mammals too right? Yes. How would we feel if we got slaughtered and abused just for bringing kindness to the world. Animals have hearts, hope, faith and spirit. We have no right to hurt and kill them. Any of them. Horses, rabbits, pigs, cows, chickens or even birds. They do nothing to cause us harm and what do we do in return? Kill them and make them live through touture. All this needs to come to a big FAT end. We need to show the bad people of the world that they have no right to do what they do. We need to show them that animals only bring kindness to the world. We need to show them that they cannot continue. We can all do this to save the heart, soul, spirit and hope of a beautiful innocent animal. STOP ANIMAL CRULTY ONCE AND FOR ALL. WE DEMAND IT

  57. 2435

    Sally Livingston Thu 20/10/16 9:20pm

    It is discrasfull. Animals should have the same rights as us. They have hearts. They have hope. They have a spirit. We cannot treat them the way we do as we have no right to. STOP ANIMAL CRULTY.

  58. 2432

    Jessica Brown Mon 17/10/16 3:00pm

    Just breaks my heart. Go vegan.

  59. 2431

    Kim Engler Mon 17/10/16 9:31am

    Animals are sentient creatures. Please treat them as such.

  60. 2430

    füsun karadamar Sun 16/10/16 1:44am

    Avoid cruelty to all animals. Go Vegan!

  61. 2428

    Philomena Bilotta Sat 8/10/16 8:27am

    Pigs on farms not in factories. Its disgusting.

  62. 2424

    Karen Harding Thu 6/10/16 6:37am

    This is horrific and so cruel this has got to stop 😡👊🏻😱😭😡👊🏻

  63. 2422

    Fournier Fernande Thu 6/10/16 6:11am

    Es ist unsere Pflicht die Tiere zu respektieren und zu beschützen. Nehmen Sie Ihre Verantwortung, bitte. Tiere sind Lebewesen! Da sind wir uns einig. Wir Menschen sind nicht über allem erhaben. Danke.

  64. 2421

    Auro Limon Thu 6/10/16 5:36am


  65. 2420

    nastja potočnik Thu 6/10/16 5:21am

    I demand that all piggeries and slaughterhouses owned by Rivalea are shut down

  66. 2414

    Manon proulx Sun 2/10/16 11:55pm

    No to meat industry ! Go vegan !

  67. 2411

    Bill Westerman Sun 2/10/16 3:27pm

    Avoid cruelty to all animals. Go Vegan!

  68. 2401

    Anonymous Sat 24/9/16 3:38am

    Watching the documentary Lucen made me ill how can you treat animals like this is beyond me. This is pure torture! How can you sleep at night? End the torture. Rivalea must be shut down. And all piggeries and slaughterhouses

  69. 2394

    Lynne Redknap Wed 31/8/16 10:31am

    I cannot bear the thought of cruelty to any animal. The general public out there are not aware of what goes on in Australia's abattoirs. There needs to be more widespread publicity about this form of animal cruelty, in this wealthy country. It is reprehensible.

  70. 2393

    Anonymous Wed 10/8/16 4:39pm

    We demand humane treatment of animals, the Government must act to abolish cruelty tin the industry and prosecute the owners who are making money from torture and abusive of defenceless animals.

  71. 2391

    Anonymous Wed 3/8/16 10:39am

    If the consumer knew exactly where and how their roast pork or Sunday bacon came from. If a graphic picture of what they were about to purchase and eat was placed on the meat tray in the supermarket I am willing to bet that over 80% plus would put it back on the shelf and choose something else for dinner. Consumers need to be made aware of the torturous treatment these poor voiceless animals receive on a daily basis. Factory farming has to end now, we don't need it. It is cruel and barbaric and completely unnecessary. Wendell Berry got it right, factory farming is unethical and does more harm than good. A real farmer cares for the land, the environment and his/her animals. Stop factory farming.

  72. 2389

    Anonymous Mon 25/7/16 7:23pm

    After watching the documentary Lucent, I cannot see how anyone could justify the horrendous treatment of these pure, intelligent and kind animals. This macabre practice has to stop.

  73. 2384

    Anonymous Mon 4/7/16 8:27pm

    Absolutely disgusting

  74. 2383

    whitney smith Wed 29/6/16 4:29am

    PLEASE STOP THIS REVOLTING UNETHICAL CRUELTY. It is beneath AUSTRALIA as a humane country. Please OPEN YOUR EYES there is nothing in the bible or any moral book that endorses perverted human inventions to frustrate nature and impose slavery and cruelty. nothing nowhere. Do you think Jesus Christ would walk through this insanity of "factory farming" and not shed a tear for his creation? STOP STOP STOP THIS.

  75. 2382

    Maria Tzima Sat 25/6/16 12:48pm

    I am nearly in tears from all this, this has got to stop!

  76. 2381

    Charlie Fine Thu 23/6/16 6:22pm

    This is so sad. Please end such unmitigated brutality.

  77. 2379

    Hannah Jade McCartney Fri 17/6/16 8:24am

    It's 2016, we have a myriad range of food available to us without needing to torture, mutilate and kill our fellow earthlings just for a taste. Humane slaughter does not exist, and once we know better we can do better. We must be the voice for those who cannot speak. Clear your conscience and ditch the cruelty.

  78. 2378

    Joshua Damian Taylor Wed 15/6/16 12:01pm

    Turning a blind eye to the fact that these creatures are intelligent, conscious beings that are more than capable of feeling pain, fear and suffering is an immoral and deplorable injustice. Cruelty forgiven by appetite is a disgusting and irrational justification. This must be stopped if we are to have any hope of considering our species as a benevolent force for good on this planet.

  79. 2376

    Anonymous Mon 6/6/16 4:47pm

    This is a modern era where know all animals feel.
    Free range for all living creatures instead of the torture chambers that we have now.

  80. 2374

    Janice Conlon Sun 5/6/16 11:22pm

    If pigs have the intelligence of a 3 year old child, this knowledge should be enough to have people think twice about eating pork. T he fact that they are intensely farmed in a terribly cruel way, is morI reason why I never buy or feed my family pork, or pork products.

  81. 2371

    Anonymous Fri 3/6/16 8:11am

    These practises need to be advertised to the general public, I bet if they were then the sales would drop dramatically , as most people dont realise what is happening to these poor defenseless animals !!!!!

  82. 2370

    warren argall Thu 2/6/16 9:22pm

    Horrible to see the cruelty.

    There are humane ways of doing this if you must have pork.

  83. 2369

    Belinda Esperson Thu 2/6/16 8:59pm

    "The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men." -- Leonardo Da Vinci

    All kept quietly behind closed doors so that consumers can comfortably eat their ham and bacon without having to think about the pain and suffering of these animals. Few parents dare tell their children that the yummy ham and bacon used to be a cute little piglet, about the suffering it endured during its life and when it was killed for them to eat.
    Education and exposure of the realities of mass food production are the way to change behaviour, reduce demand and ultimately stop this disgusting treatment of animals.
    In the meantime our government needs to ensure that companies like Rivalea either treat the animals humanely in a manner befitting a civilised society or are closed down.

  84. 2368

    Anonymous Thu 2/6/16 7:19pm

    End cruelty now!

  85. 2367

    SHARRON FLANAGAN Sun 29/5/16 9:55pm

    Where is the humanity ... this barbaric treatment of these poor pigs is absolutely disgusting....we ARE NOT a third world country!!! ... Australia...I thought we were a country that showed compassion and respect..... the more I learn about all the abuse that has been condoned and ignored it sickens me... this abuse and cruelty is shameful..!

  86. 2364

    lori croonen Wed 18/5/16 3:35am

    Please stop the cruelty, it is horrific and inhumane to imprison, hurt and kill animals.

  87. 2362

    Gwen Ferry Mon 16/5/16 2:17pm

    I believe this disgusting slaughterhouse and all others owned by Rivalea should be shut down immediately and the owners jailed for causing immense suffering to animals. This abbatoir is a hell hole for every animal that is unfortunate enough to end up here. The workers are the PIGS, the owners are low life murdering bastards!!!

  88. 2357

    helen guy Mon 9/5/16 12:53pm

    These people are disgusting, how can this happen at all!!

  89. 2355

    Susan kelsall Sat 7/5/16 1:46am

    Words fail me. How anyone could be so cruel is beyond belief. A petition should not be needed.Its wrong disgusting, no living thing was put on earth to be abused in this way.

  90. 2354

    Emma Horvat Fri 6/5/16 12:11am

    Save our Australian animals!

  91. 2352

    michael bella Mon 2/5/16 2:40am

    Change is needed! No more dead bodies eat real food!

  92. 2351

    Peter nichols Sun 1/5/16 9:24pm

    I am discusted at what goes on inside these piggeries! Since when is it humane to treat animals"a living being" this would these people that work and run these farms like it if we done this to there own children or siblings.come on people wake up,human beings arnt supposed to be this way.we need more people to care and to be awakened so that we can save our selves and this beautiful place we call home.all piggeries and animal farming need to be closed to this cruel behaviour!!

  93. 2348

    John Ridd Thu 28/4/16 9:51pm

    Everyone should really see what happens !!!
    Absolute murder!!!!!

    Put those responsible for abusing animals in jail!

  94. 2347

    Daniel Begos Thu 28/4/16 9:46pm

    The worst abuse I have EVER seen!!!!!

    These criminals should be beaten and put in jail. Animals need a voice!!!

  95. 2346

    Margaret Podpinka Thu 28/4/16 9:43pm

    I don't eat meat and there are a million reasons why!!!!
    This animal abuse is DISGUSTING and barbaric.

    Put these criminals in jail!!!!

  96. 2345

    Anna Podpinka Thu 28/4/16 9:38pm

    As an Australian I am disgusted at the people responsible for abusing animals just to feel good about themselves. These pieces of shit are psychotic and abnormal and should be in jail.
    Only a LOWLIFE would work there let alone own a murder camp like that.

    Name and shame those who abuse animals.

    Time to SHUT THIS ABUSE DOWN!!!!!!

  97. 2344

    Carol Palmer Tue 26/4/16 6:02pm

    This must stop, so cruel and most people don't know this happening

  98. 2343

    Fiona D'Souza Fri 22/4/16 5:14pm

    This is inhumane and should not be allowed in a supposedly enlightened country.

    Fiona D'Souza

  99. 2342

    Robyn Rennison Fri 22/4/16 1:30pm

    It is time to stop this horrific mass killing of animals. People need to wake up to what is happening and what is kept from us. Thank goodness for social media now that we are able to see what happens in this absolute horrific trade. We do not need to eat animals for health or for spirituality. Close this horrid place down NOW.

  100. 2339

    Spyridoula Gerolymatou Thu 14/4/16 4:40am

    We don't need meat industry anymore. Enough!

  101. 2336

    Linda Quelch Mon 11/4/16 7:43am

    Please help

  102. 2331

    Stephen Jeffery Sun 3/4/16 10:58am

    Killing can be humane. In a modern world there is no justification for cruelty

  103. 2322

    Dawn Mason Wed 30/3/16 7:06am

    Shut them down!!

  104. 2314

    Anonymous Wed 9/3/16 3:47am

    Please shot them down. I live in the US and this is not acceptable in any place in the world!

  105. 2311

    Julie Kershaw Sun 6/3/16 9:08pm

    You know what you are doing is wrong.
    Animals feel pain as you do, if you don't feel compassion,
    empathy for animals then how could you call yourself
    Barbaric vial.

  106. 2306

    Anonymous Thu 25/2/16 2:19pm

    "The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men." -- Leonardo Da Vinci

  107. 2304

    Wendy McDougall Tue 23/2/16 8:40am

    please stop animal cruelty and close these slaughter houses down. Not just one but the whole lot. Its indescribably sad to see how these animals are being treated. Wold you treat your own family and pets like this? No.. well these animals are super smart and worth keeping as well as you would treat your own pet.

    People power will eventually stop these places but you have a chance right now to start this ball rolling..stop it now

  108. 2300

    Kim Lievens Fri 19/2/16 5:39am


  109. 2299

    Hosten viviane Fri 19/2/16 5:18am

    Stop all animal cruelty

  110. 2296

    Jacqueline De Dood Fri 19/2/16 2:45am

    This must be stopped right now!!!!

  111. 2295

    carla jeurissen Fri 19/2/16 2:05am


  112. 2290

    M. Hakker Thu 18/2/16 10:54pm

    Holocaust for animals has to end now!

  113. 2288

    Anonymous Thu 18/2/16 10:42pm


  114. 2286

    Emma Nannini Tue 16/2/16 9:34pm

    All living, breathing beings are deserving of love and respect. This is not debatable.

  115. 2281

    Eveline Dannenburg Mon 1/2/16 9:52am

    when will "human beings" start respecting all other lifeforms. Especially pigs, they are such intelligent sensitive animals. Stop this cruel practice, it truly makes me sick to my stomach seeing this.

  116. 2279

    chris Tue 26/1/16 1:55am

    people ask me, WHAT DO YOU EAT IF NOT MEAT. I say everything except MEAT

  117. 2278

    jackie wilder Tue 26/1/16 1:42am

    i truly believe that the most dangerous and cruel species on earth are humans. for those who set themselves apart- never give up, we are the voice of those that do not have one and on there behalf we will be heard.

  118. 2274

    natalie robichaux Sat 23/1/16 9:29am

    This is disgusting, beyond cruelty and beyond belief..the owner should be utterly ashamed..i pray this ends one day

  119. 2271

    Anonymous Mon 18/1/16 8:27pm

    There shouldn't be a difference between cats, dogs, pigs, cows, ducks, lambs, horses, fish. All animals. Don't be discriminating. All deserve the right to be safe and treated with respect. ✌🏾️✌🏾

  120. 2267

    Vicki bourke Sat 16/1/16 4:54pm

    Please shut down these disgusting slaughter houses and piggeries, these poor animals are voiceless!

  121. 2266

    Anonymous Sat 16/1/16 12:15pm

    Pigs are intelligent, sentient beings & deserve a life worth living. Stop this horrific torture & murder. It is heartless, greedy & unethical

  122. 2263

    NORA CLOSE Sat 16/1/16 6:05am

    Such cruelty. Animals deserve better. Once I became aware of the misery of life for pigs in piggeries and the horrific method of slaughter I never again ate pork, no more ham, no more bacon. When I see these products in the shops all I hear is the squeals of terrified animals in agony. People who work in this barbaric industry must have hearts of stone.

  123. 2262

    Leanne Howard Fri 15/1/16 3:53pm

    Cruel, unacceptable & unnecessary. Needs changing to more humane method. Animal welfare considerations must come before money as these sentient beings are paying the ultimate price already.

  124. 2261

    leah dragila Sat 9/1/16 12:20pm

    Absolutely disgusting this has to be stopped

  125. 2260

    Denis Boukhvalov Tue 5/1/16 11:31pm

    What if you, the people who slaughter the poor and helpless pigs, where in- humanly slaughtered like that?! How would you feel?! Would you still like that job?! You people who kills these poor and helpless pigs are monsters and you have no harts. God and people please save these little pigs!🐷🐽

  126. 2258

    Hazel Foote Thu 31/12/15 5:36am

    I have endured the disturbing footage of the inhumane treatment of these animals and thank GOD I stopped eating animal parts a long time ago. I cannot believe that this is going on in Australia I thought it was uncivilised countries that had little education and didn't know better. I am truly ashamed that this is going on here.

    Watching how those poor defenceless animals are kicked punched and electrocuted over and over prodded and electrocuted again or the so called humane gassing being suffocated and gasping for air burning from the inside out for god knows how long the terror they feel is intolerable how this is allowed to go on.

    Rivalea Australia is the country's largest pig killing company, and one of the most highly-regarded. It is clear that there is no humane way of killing pigs for food.

    I demand that all piggeries and slaughterhouses owned by Rivalea are shut down, though I accept that they are only one part of the problem, and as such I pledge to do all that I can to stop supporting this inherently cruel, disgusting industry.

  127. 2256

    Delise Wood Mon 28/12/15 9:01am

    I find this quite disturbing the fact that i pay more for free range and didnt realise my pig i was eating was contaminated with Gas, Appart from this the fact the animals are terrafied and treated so bad when they are extremly intelligent creatures and should be treated with respect, I will never buy pork again untill this practice is stopped.

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