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Girgarre Piggery

Girgarre Piggery

Location: White Road, Girgarre VIC
Owned by: Ian Connaughton / Don KR Castlemaine (George Weston Foods)
Status: Open and operating

Girgarre Piggery is believed to be a breeder-only facility, with roughly 3200 sows (as of 2008). Activists visited a number of times over a two year period, finding mother pigs confined in farrowing crates surrounded by numerous dead and dying piglets. When trying to stand or lie down, for many sows the cages are so small that their feeding troughs are in the way, and the floors so slippery that they struggle to keep their footing. Like most other pig farms, the farmers cut the piglets' tails at a young age without pain relief.

While the farm previously had sow stalls, it has in recent years made the switch to group housing.

Footage was handed to the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), who inspected the property but found that it was all just standard Australian pig farming, with no breaches of animal welfare legislation. As a result of this inaction, the footage and photographs were anonymously provided to in late 2015 for publication.

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