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Petition: Stop the South Australian ag-gag legislation

When you sign the petition, an email will be sent with the following letter along with your comment to these recipient(s):

Robert Brokenshire, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Andrew McLachlan, Member of the Legislative Council SA
John Darley, Member of the Legislative Council SA
John Dawkins, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Tammy Franks, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Gail Gago, Member of the Legislative Council SA
John Gazzola, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Dennis Hood, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Ian Hunter, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Jing Lee, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Michelle Lensink, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Rob Lucas, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Mark Parnell, Member of the Legislative Council SA
David Ridgway, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Kyam Maher, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Terry Stephens, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Kelly Vincent, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Stephen Wade, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Russell Wortley, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Tung Ngo, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Bernard Finnigan, Member of the Legislative Council SA
Gerry Kandelaars, Member of the Legislative Council SA

Dear [name],

I am writing to you in your capacity as the [position].

I am writing to you in regards to the Surveillance Devices Bill 2014 (the Bill) that has been reintroduced by SA Labor Minister Gail Gago MLC on the 5th of June 2014. The Bill repeals the Listening and Surveillance Devices Act 1972 (SA) and makes provisions relating to the use of surveillance devices, among other things.

Although the Bill does not specifically mention agricultural facilities or factory farming, the legislation is consistent with US style ag-gag laws - draconian laws that seek to "gag" animal advocates, the media and agriculture workers from making public the often horrific truths behind factory farming. If implemented, the Bill will criminalise the release of information derived from unlawful surveillance to the public.

In response to this proposed legislation, activist group Aussie Farms has begun releasing footage and photographs depicting horrific animal abuse in South Australian farms and slaughterhouses, including in the state's largest pig abattoir, Big River Pork. Were it not for activists secretly obtaining this footage, I and the rest of the Australian public would have no idea what was happening inside the walls of that abattoir, where pigs are being repeatedly jabbed with electric prodders to force them into a gas chamber. Once inside the gas chamber they are seen screaming and thrashing for air as they suffocate. It is my understanding that the RSPCA is now investigating this facility as a result of the footage.

This trend of laws to prohibit filming of our food industry and other potential animal welfare conditions to be honest I find deeply concerning. I have an interest in animal welfare and also think it should be a right of consumers to have information about what happens in the industries that produce their food available to them, other than information offered by those industries themselves. To pass any laws that prohibit out siders from gathering knowledge about inside such industries would allow for a dangerous bias of information available to the community. Privacy of people is something I think is very important when it is regarding private activities and lives. Animal agriculture however involves more than just the farm owners, workers, but also the animals involved, the people who eat the animals and environment that the farming affects. This is an industry that is crucial to be as transparent as possible for humans and animals alike.

Please know that you or anyone who supports this bill will not receive my vote in any state elections and conversely will have my vote if they support the resistance against such laws.

[your comment]

Yours sincerely,
[your name], [your postcode]

Aussie Farms

  1. 2446

    Jonathan Green Sun 21/9/14 10:49am

    This letter may be sent as part of a campaign however I do feel strongly about this issue and the set wording does echo my personal views. In order to prevent cruelty in these systems perhaps video monitoring should be made mandatory and then concerned members of the public would not feel the need to secretly film these places to expose the cruelty.

  2. 2445

    Carol Kim Sat 20/9/14 7:20pm

    The horrific cruelty that is routinely inflicted on our farm animals must be exposed. Those who are found guilty of their crimes must be punished accordingly. It is vital that the public are made aware of how these animals are raised so that they can make an informed decision as consumers.

  3. 2443

    Billy James Harness Tue 16/9/14 8:35pm

    Animals are no different to Humans, They have rights and the public needs to know how they're treated and more to the point how they're neglected.

    The meat industry is 100% Unfair, Inhumane and downright disgusting.

  4. 2441

    Anonymous Wed 10/9/14 4:14pm

    How else are we going to stop the barbaric way animals are treated. We dont have to be cruel and the places who are need to outed and shamed and STOPPED.

  5. 2432

    INGRID ROBERTSON Thu 4/9/14 7:47am


  6. 2427

    susan Lane Wed 3/9/14 3:29pm

    It is about time we started showing compassion to the other animals in the world, NO animal is on this earth to be used or abused by humans

  7. 2425

    andrea eördögh Tue 2/9/14 5:03am


  8. 2424

    Nicole Hofmann Mon 1/9/14 6:09pm

    save the animals !!!!!!!!

  9. 2423

    Ute Euler Mon 1/9/14 6:08pm

    save the animals

  10. 2422

    Therese Kempf Mon 1/9/14 6:08pm

    save the animals !!!!!!!!

  11. 2421

    Jacqueline Stein Mon 1/9/14 6:07pm

    Save the animals

  12. 2420

    Hans Bothe Mon 1/9/14 6:07pm

    Save the animals

  13. 2419

    Sylvia Bothe Mon 1/9/14 6:06pm

    Save the animals

  14. 2405

    Anonymous Thu 21/8/14 4:00pm

    Ag-gag is not needed or wanted. Decent Australians want animals to be saved from cruelty in any way ,shape or form. Public opinion is changing eg. people want an animal abuser registry.......and these people are not just professed animal's decency. No Ag-gag laws.

  15. 2404

    Anonymous Thu 21/8/14 12:58am


  16. 2402

    Poul Wergeltoft Mon 18/8/14 7:47pm

    Hi. I am an X Danish Pig Feeding Consultant and farm manager. For about ten years ago a was told that Australia was around 30 years behind Denmark in pig production. I think that it is more, after I have seen the video.
    Back in 1963, pigs with less than 10 millimetre of fat was delivered to the abattoir. They was left in yards to relax over night after the transport. The following day the pigs was nice and quietly led in to a rubber conveyor belt there took them down under the floor level where they was (gassed). When they came up to floor level again, they was unconscious. Now a hook was fitted to one hind leg and they was lifted up and transported in to a booth, where a butcher was cutting their throats. Very little or none raise in adrenalin level.
    Adrenalin is stuffing up good quality meat. As far as I remember, the gas was carbon monoxide.


  17. 2399

    christian chalifour Sun 17/8/14 11:03pm

    Please end this despicable crime against nature.

  18. 2383

    Susan Bryant Sat 16/8/14 7:29pm

    Place your children in this environment, are they happy?

  19. 2382

    Anonymous Sat 16/8/14 6:23pm

    Wehre is your compassion and Empathy? How can you Look in the mirror, when nowing you are responsible for such cruelty? Greed, Money ... Is this all that Counts in your life?
    This is slavery are you Aware of that. You are Committing a Crime!

  20. 2377

    Ingrid Mallory Sat 16/8/14 3:59am

    not right

  21. 2375

    Laura Culbert Sat 16/8/14 3:05am

    How can you be so cruel?! Where is your compassion for our fellow creatures? Australia seems to be going the same way as the US! It's just all about the money!
    Treating animals as commodities with no care or concern for their natural needs is uncivilised!
    Ghandi said "judge a nation on how it treats it's animals". You should be ashamed I hope the Australian public do the right thing and dismiss this disgusting AgGag bill!

  22. 2373

    Dagmar Lathan-Lang Sat 16/8/14 2:03am

    I love animals

  23. 2362

    andre price Fri 15/8/14 11:49pm

    This really needs to stop.

  24. 2354

    Georgina Pay Fri 15/8/14 11:09pm

    I believe this to be completely unacceptable abuse

  25. 2344

    Claire Stevens Fri 15/8/14 10:02pm

    I thought Australia was better than this :(

  26. 2342

    Ven zan Fri 15/8/14 9:55pm

    This is inhumane!

  27. 2330

    Tan Christine Thu 14/8/14 4:42pm

    Save the animals! End animal cruelty!

  28. 2324

    Simone Sandler Tue 12/8/14 11:45pm

    More than dismissing the ag-gag, we should have compulsary CCTV cameras in all abbatoirs with no blind spots. There is no other way to ensure animals are not treated with violence and cruelty.

    Livestock businesses must be held accountable for their treatment of their animals- the animals cannot speak up themselves.

  29. 2323

    Birgit Schaedler Tue 12/8/14 7:10pm

    My experience with pigs is that they are clever, life orientated and gregarious. Additionally, they are declared classes to human in - skin, organs and looking at above description in life interests. The closeness of association to our selves boggles the mind and makes a decent human cringe and waver on how we can treat another being in such a way in the interest of commerce and taste buds. It is deplorable and distressing, please help to stop this all encom b passing cruelty. I have taken the time to attend pig breeding and slaughter houses, the scares created by those experiences will remain. I implore you t take a look for yourself and make your own judgement....

  30. 2318

    Sanja Durovic Mon 11/8/14 11:22pm

    Please stop the needless cruelty

  31. 2317

    Mia Houston Mon 11/8/14 10:14pm


  32. 2316

    Anonymous Mon 11/8/14 10:37am

    This is absolutely horrible, the people who work at slaughterhouses are evil, worse than nazis, how can this be done for money?
    Shame on you people that you want to allow for this genocide on helpless animals to continue!

  33. 2314

    Anonymous Sun 10/8/14 4:30pm

    Please stop the cruelty, simple.

  34. 2313

    miss emma goddard Sun 10/8/14 2:11pm

    i feel sad watching this video clip to see how poorly these pigs r treated it has made me think twice before i eat sausages or meat

  35. 2308

    Gustavo Ritschard Sat 9/8/14 5:00pm

    Not only my vote, also all the people who so far is not aware of this kind of thing happening

  36. 2307

    Anonymous Sat 9/8/14 2:07pm

    How can you sleep at night knowing that genocide is unleashed on animals in Australian Abbatoirs with your approval?

  37. 2306

    Rob Maca Sat 9/8/14 9:36am

    Animals should never be treated in such a cruel, thoughtless way! Never!

  38. 2303

    Paula Thu 7/8/14 1:04pm

    WHY is it so hard to slaughter Animals in humane ways?? with all todays technology i shouldn't even have to ask. BUT these days it is almost always done in the horrendously cruel ways, i have NOT yet seen a video this year of 1 Animal being slaughtered humanely! Not to mention the WORKERS, they are sadistic & as cruel as can be before they slaughter terrified animals, Animals are kicked, punched, bashed with objects, burned, electricuted, sliced into fully conscious even sexual abuse! Are all abattior workers evil, sadistic criminals??? why do they have to inflict such pain and terror to innocent Animals??? Why is this allowed??? And why is it allowed to continue? how about prosecuting the evil people who commit these horrible crimes against Animals instead of making the people who actually care about animal welfare the criminals??? it is so easy to blame others than take responsibility for what is so terribly wrong. Please employ decent people to slaughter animals & humanely slaughter all animals.

  39. 2301

    Anonymous Wed 6/8/14 4:29pm

    Why do we perpetuate this brutal practice? It is a barometer of our society with how we treat the elderly, disabled and animals. We are eating meat where these animals have lived in their own filth. This affects the quality of the product. Why would anyone want to eat this meat if they were privy to the animal's life from start to finish. I am just appalled with any meat producer or government org. that wants to shut down animal rights people. These people do not demonstrate one iota of ethics.

  40. 2299

    Penni Followes Tue 5/8/14 9:23pm

    Disgusting human behaviour. What's next for these men? People?

  41. 2293

    Erica van Eck Tue 5/8/14 5:19pm

    this cruelty is disgusting! Shame on you all

  42. 2292

    Sharon McLay Tue 5/8/14 1:34pm

    Shooting the messenger never solved anything...Eliminate the brutality and cruelty and there will be nothing to film...

  43. 2291

    Rajive Sharma Tue 5/8/14 1:05pm

    Every child in this country must be exposed to the sufferings of the animals, so they grow up to be more humane rather than just humans.

  44. 2290

    Jane moffatt Tue 5/8/14 7:55am

    This is appalling! Shame shame shame

  45. 2287

    Kylie Scott Mon 4/8/14 10:49pm

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." I can no longer stand back and do nothing.

  46. 2281

    Gabrielle Worthington Sat 2/8/14 10:48pm


  47. 2280

    imogen brill Sat 2/8/14 6:25pm

    This needs to be public, imagine the horrible severe suffering these poor creatures will go through if this can not be monitored.

  48. 2273

    LUAUNA JOHNSON Fri 1/8/14 11:01pm

    As of today we will no longer purchase your products or eat meat! You bastards deserve to be shot! You make me sick!

  49. 2262

    Philip McCulloch-Downs Thu 31/7/14 7:01pm

    What is revealed by this footage is disgusting, depraved and barbaric. Information like this MUST be kept visible and in the public domain, no matter how vile and unbearable, as practices like this (in all countries, not just Australia) must be seen by the public, stopped immediately, the perpetrators prosecuted and this inhuman behaviour banished from our supposedly 'civilized' society.

  50. 2254

    Prabhu Satya Thu 31/7/14 6:00am

    CCTV should be mandatory so the whole process should be open and transparent so the public can see where their food comes from and can make their own decisions. If slaughterhouses had glass walls we would all be vegan.

  51. 2252

    noranne dovey Thu 31/7/14 12:43am

    This is morally wrong. If you have any inclination of the sentitivity and intelligence of a pig, you'll have a small understanding of how hynis this crime is. Those animals are screaming for help. Are you Australian's really more mentally, emotionally and intellectually retarded that us Africans are supposed to be? Who's the 3td world country??? By God!!! Set this right man. Abuse is abuse.

  52. 2251

    Frantzeska Tyrannes Thu 31/7/14 12:18am

    Dear Australian government, we are placed as Guardians and protectors over the innocent, guileless, sweet and those without voices, please speak out for these innocent animals who have not asked for a life of pain and suffering. We are not allowed to cause such torture and torment for no reason at all, even God is a God of love not pain, maiming, tormenting, torturing and doing the most horrible things to harmless creatures under our care. Not when there are alternatives available - these little babies have a right to be with their families, marry, have babies, grow old and die a normal and natural death. Please stop this medieval methods of torment.,and be the lovers of this Earth and her beings; which we are all called to be. You have the power to change the world for those without a voice - use it wisely. We will pay the price of their pain and suffering - what goes around comes around and we all know this. Do not let your children and your loved ones as well as ours go through the same mutilations and tortures scientists inflict on them in the name of science when it is all just plain evil.

  53. 2250

    samantha maroney Wed 30/7/14 11:30pm

    Absolutely disgusting

  54. 2249

    Laura Shandra Wed 30/7/14 10:30pm

    There should be no reason to hide the truth.

  55. 2245

    Faye willis Wed 30/7/14 7:01pm

    Scum nags pull your selfish heads in

  56. 2244

    susan scott Wed 30/7/14 6:10pm

    Please show compassion for sentient beings.

  57. 2242

    Maria scuderi Wed 30/7/14 1:29pm

    Please - stop ~ please just end this horror - let the animals live in peace

  58. 2238

    Irene Woodham Wed 30/7/14 9:46am

    All animals deserve respect and compassion.

  59. 2231

    Emy Trieu Wed 30/7/14 7:52am


  60. 2230

    ligia guzman p. Wed 30/7/14 7:48am

    Stop ag gag legislation !!!rnWe will fight till the end for animals.

  61. 2221

    Brandy Schwerdt Wed 30/7/14 3:07am

    This war on animals has to STOP!!!!

  62. 2211

    Joseph Schoonbroodt Tue 29/7/14 11:24pm


  63. 2209

    Anonymous Tue 29/7/14 10:48pm

    Be kind to an Animal remember they have feeling as well they feel pain just like we do , treat them with the respect as you would like to be treated we are not much different except we can talk, as for an Animal they can not communicate as we humans do,

  64. 2206

    Isabel Redondo Tue 29/7/14 10:18pm

    This is absurd. Are you not a civilized society?

  65. 2205

    Holly noseworthy Tue 29/7/14 10:10pm

    Please stop this!!!! It's not right

  66. 2204

    Anonymous Tue 29/7/14 10:00pm

    ITS horribel

  67. 2203

    Michael Tue 29/7/14 9:58pm


  68. 2202

    Kerrie Carroll Tue 29/7/14 9:55pm

    Apalling practice shown in the footage needs to cease immediately. Cruelty is cruelty.

  69. 2201

    naomi handscombe Tue 29/7/14 9:55pm

    Cruelty is unacceptable. How can u love with your conscious

  70. 2200

    Cathy Dalton Tue 29/7/14 9:34pm

    All slaughterhouses should be fitted with around the clock CCTV as standard practice.

  71. 2194

    Cindy Carpenter Tue 29/7/14 8:07pm

    Shocking. It should be illegal NOT to have CCTV in slaughterhouses to protect the animals from the added abuse of people enjoying torturing them.

  72. 2193

    Chris Margaritis Tue 29/7/14 8:06pm

    This is so wrong.

  73. 2191

    Brigitte Costello Tue 29/7/14 8:04pm

    The crime should be the mistreatment of animals, not the exposure of the mistreatment. This is truly the wrong legislation to ever be created.

  74. 2186

    sabrina Tue 29/7/14 7:39pm

    Disgusting and disgraced at how cruel you people can be ! Meat industry should be taken down! ! Cruelty does not belong on this earth

  75. 2183

    Annemarie Hasemann Tue 29/7/14 7:33pm

    If people do the right thing no need to hide!

  76. 2181

    Dr Neville King Tue 29/7/14 7:23pm

    The food industry needs to be transparent and accountable. I expect elected representatives to look to their conscience and do the right thing. rnrnAg-gags are censorship and deny reasonable people the right to protest about animal cruelty.rnrnThere is nothing right in that.rnrnSincerelyrnrnJudith King

  77. 2180

    Marina Mo Tue 29/7/14 7:21pm

    Enough is enough. There is no way to hide the truth, do you know that??We may sell our sole, but.. don't forget..... it is dangerous job.

  78. 2174

    Niki Bradley Tue 29/7/14 7:06pm

    Mass killing and harming of any living being is tantamount to Hitlers philosophies !!!! If you can harm, kill, eat animals this is and should be a crime!!!! Animals are NO DIFFERENT to human beings!!!
    Please stop this now!

  79. 2171

    Karenberg Karin Tue 29/7/14 6:54pm

    unbeliveble! Why? As Long humans do this to animals, as Long we will also have war on earth.

  80. 2170

    Lara Dale Tue 29/7/14 6:35pm

    words cant describe how it feels to know people can treat animals this way...

  81. 2169

    jack alexander-reece Tue 29/7/14 6:34pm

    I thought Australia would be beyond this.

  82. 2164

    Jet Asha Tue 29/7/14 6:23pm

    Disgusted by this protection of cruelty!!!

  83. 2161

    judith megginson Tue 29/7/14 6:18pm

    its a disgrace the way these defenceless animals are tortured because that's really what this is, but to think you want people to be quiet and let it happen time and time again, that's absolutely disgracefull

  84. 2160

    Anonymous Tue 29/7/14 6:11pm

    Total evil and cruelty. No mercy for the animals who deserve the right to live just as the humans do! The greed of man! Totally disgusting

  85. 2156

    Anne Johnsson Tue 29/7/14 5:55pm

    I will never vote for any individual or party that votes for A Gag laws.Cruelty to any animal is unacceptable and perpetrators must be held to account in a courtroom.

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