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Piggeries across Australia: A snapshot of the industry

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Narrogin Piggery

Narrogin Piggery

Location: Wanerie Road, Dumberning WA
Owned by: Craig Mostyn Farms / Pearls P/L
Status: Open and operating

Narrogin Piggery is a large grow-out facility just south of Narrogin WA, capable of containing up to 9500 pigs at a time.

Investigated in mid 2014, pigs were found living in a build-up of their own excrement in tightly-packed concrete pens. A dead pig had been dragged outside one of the sheds.

Exposed by Aussie Farms and Animal Liberation WA in October 2014.

Business Details


  • David Lock, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Wray, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary
  • Andrew Mostyn, Executive Director
  • Greg Lott, General Manager (Rendering & Protein)
  • Peter James, General Manager (CM Food)
  • Ron Penn, General Manager (Meat & Livestock)
  • Julie Cox, General Manager (Business Development)
  • More details including photos and short biographys at:

Board of Directors

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