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Piggeries across Australia: A snapshot of the industry

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Sheaoak Piggery

Sheaoak Piggery

Location: Unnamed Road, Shea-Oak Log SA
Owned by: Sheaoak Piggery Pty Ltd / Australian Pork Farm Group (APFG)
Status: Open and operating
Phone: (08) 8524 9057

Sheaoak Piggery is one of (if not the) largest piggeries in South Australia, spread over 4 self-contained farrow to finish modules. The largest module was investigated in early 2014. Sows were found confined to farrowing crates and sow stalls on concrete and metal floors, unable to turn around, some with their dead or injured babies next to them. One sow stall contained two sows.

Sheaoak Piggery is one of three businesses that make up the Australian Pork Farm Group (APFG).

Business Details

Australian Private Company
ABN 14 114 417 113
ACN 114 417 113

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