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Springview Piggery

Petition: Shut Down Springview Piggery

When you sign the petition, an email will be sent with the following letter along with your comment to these recipient(s):

Katrina Hodgkinson MP, Minister for Primary Industries

Dear [name],

I am writing to you in your capacity as the [position].

Information revealed recently from Aussie Farms' campaign against cruelty in the pork industry has alerted me to the inhumane practices being carried out at Springview Piggery, Gooloogong NSW.

In late October 2013, a sow was discovered in a terrible condition, unable to move, with large bloody wounds on both of her front legs. She could not reach food or water. Activists were able to find a dish and fill it with water to give to her, and after some initial hesitance, she began frantically drinking litre after litre.

Many other sows were found with large untreated injuries, most of them in the sow stalls.

Activists called police the following morning, but nobody was sent until three days later. The police were advised by the owners that the sow had suffered severe prolapses after giving birth to a litter of stillborns, damaging the nerves in her back legs and leaving her partially paralysed. The owners had called in a vet sometime on Thursday 24th or Friday 25th October, who suggested they leave her over the weekend to see if her condition improved, and if not, to "destroy" her. So she was left without food, water, treatment or attention of any sort, until Monday the 28th, when they killed her.

Despite this serious case of neglect, and the apparently undersized sow stalls, the owners of Springview Piggery have not been charged with any animal cruelty offences.

I implore you to do all in your power to shut down Springview Piggery.

[your comment]

Yours sincerely,
[your name], [your postcode]

Aussie Farms

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  1. 2119

    Leanne Berghuis Wed 3/1/18 9:06pm

    Please is there anyone who has the authority to shut these place down that actually has a heart, morals and compassion? Anyone authentic and brave enough to stand up for the voiceless for justice?
    Or are you all gutless, selfish, greedy beings with your own vested interests in doing nothing when you have the power to put a stop to this horror?
    These beings are an innocent, gentle species and deserve to live the peaceful life that nature had intended for them.
    How dare us greedy beings exploit this gentle being because it doesn't hurt us or fight back! We hold all the power and therefore are responsible for using this power to protect those whom are vulnerable on this planet.
    I have no sympathy for low life humans whom continue to turn a blind eye to this. It is a crime to cover these atrocities up!
    The future is Vegan, which side of history will you be on?

  2. 2115

    Keshna Olding Sat 23/9/17 10:43am

    This is MADNESS. Stop the cruelty, shut it down. Choose humanity and love. My heart breaks for these beautiful earthlings.

  3. 2113

    Pearl Bowen Tue 22/8/17 3:23am


  4. 2111

    Daniel Begos Sun 13/8/17 6:35pm

    Shutting it down is the only way the farmer will change their inhuman practice.

  5. 2106

    Sally Walter Thu 6/4/17 4:20pm

    Have mercy and close it.

  6. 2103

    Kim Mason Sun 19/3/17 1:08am

    Its evil

  7. 2097

    Anonymous Tue 27/12/16 11:39am

    SHUT IT DOWN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 2095

    Clive Riseam Mon 19/12/16 6:02pm

    It's a travesty when in this day and age, we let GREED and CRUELTY exist - perhaps the beneficiaries of the $s might want them and their families to spend their existence like that, that they are forcing on these animals - and absolute disgrace - boycott them for starters.

  9. 2094

    Karen Hatti Mon 19/12/16 3:30pm


  10. 2091

    Lea McKiernan Mon 19/12/16 12:34pm

    What a disgusting example of the human race.

  11. 2088

    Tracey Clarke Sun 18/12/16 10:09am

    Yes, it's a necessary evil that people need to farm animals to eat but do they have to torture them as well?!rnPlease have some respect for animals.

  12. 2086

    Sue Shapple Wed 7/12/16 11:40pm

    Stop this kind of treatment ..I will never eat pork again until they can roam free and love the little life they do have.

  13. 2085

    Michelle Cotterill Wed 7/12/16 8:39pm

    Stop this cruelty!

  14. 2084

    Christine Jones Wed 9/11/16 10:10pm

    I was one of a small number of people allowed to see inside a rural piggery. The farmer made every effort to improve the quality of the pigs' lives. Initiatives included ensuring the pens were clean and airy, giving them items to chew and play with, making sure they had space to move, and playing soft music, which they definitely enjoyed. They even had preferences as to what sort of music they liked, and would react differently to different types. Compared to this, large intensive factory farms are just horrible. You wouldn't wish that sort of life on your worst enemy. They've got to go.

  15. 2079

    nastja potočnik Thu 6/10/16 5:41am

    This farm is a horror movie! Our animals should not live in the hell that farm factories create for big profits!

  16. 2071

    Anonymous Tue 6/9/16 5:08pm

    How can people be doing this this is totally uncalled for in so many ways placed like this is the exact reason I do not eat pig even organic. People like these assholes just need to curl up in a hole and die.

  17. 2070

    Anonymous Wed 10/8/16 4:40pm

    We demand humane treatment of animals, the Government must act to abolish cruelty tin the industry and prosecute the owners who are making money from torture and abusive of defenceless animals.

  18. 2064

    Carmen Fri 24/6/16 10:00pm

    stop this cold blooded murder

  19. 2059

    Anonymous Thu 2/6/16 7:20pm

    End cruelty now!

  20. 2058

    SHARRON FLANAGAN Sun 29/5/16 9:57pm

    This is shameful....and the way this is condoned and accepted is unacceptable.....

  21. 2056

    Peter nichols Sun 1/5/16 10:58pm

    II'm discusted with how these farms operate,there would be a more humane way to farm and kill the animals

  22. 2055

    Anna Podpinka Thu 28/4/16 9:17pm

    I am disgusted at what I have just seen. This is not what being an Australian means, SHAME to let criminals do this to animals for pure greed and money.
    Our whole family has stopped eating pork and will not ever again. We have spoken to all our friends and family and we are all disgusted.
    Clearly the people that are committing these crimes to animals are psychopaths.

  23. 2054

    Fiona D'Souza Fri 22/4/16 5:17pm

    This is inhumane and should not be allowed in a supposedly enlightened country.

    Fiona D'Souza

  24. 2053

    Isobel Madsen Sun 17/4/16 5:13pm


  25. 2052

    Anonymous Thu 14/4/16 4:53am

    This is barbaric...

  26. 2051

    Spyridoula Gerolymatou Thu 14/4/16 4:43am

    We don't need meat industry anymore. Enough!

  27. 2048

    Sophie Cherry Tue 5/4/16 8:21pm

    Stop murder!

  28. 2047

    Ross jeffery Sun 3/4/16 10:59am

    There is no justification for cruelty in the modern world

  29. 2044

    Anonymous Thu 25/2/16 2:20pm

    "The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men." -- Leonardo Da Vinci

  30. 2043

    tracy wake Tue 23/2/16 9:11pm

    This cruel and barbaric.

  31. 2042

    Wendy McDougall Tue 23/2/16 8:46am

    Please help stop the cruelty.. we are not being god role models for children if we let this continue

  32. 2040

    Anonymous Tue 16/2/16 1:43pm

    It is not up to me whether this piggery is shut down or not but for the love of everything that is good make these people accountable for the cruelty they are inflicting. Better yet change the industry standards altogether.

  33. 2036

    natalie robichaux Sat 23/1/16 9:32am

    This is discusting and is cruelty to its core. Owners u should be ashamed..u are a disgrace to humanity

  34. 2035

    Jack Clancy Mon 18/1/16 4:42pm

    In my view pigs are a filthy animal, the filthiest of all livestock and cunning manipulators and observers of mankind. I kept them at one time out Cowra way but in clean, natural pens....and learned just how cunning a boar can be!! I don't share the sooky views about 'nice little piggy.oh what lovely babies'' view which is the same as so many claim about rabbits (as rabbits not pigs of course) nor do I believe there is no such thing as humane killing..... however, that said I am not tolerant of feed lots and other high pressure livestock environments. I am against the use of chemicals and inoculations in any form of livestock sold for human consumption.I believe also that all livestock is hopelessly wasteful of resources ...using vast amounts of water and feed to produce a pound of meat and contributing to other disasters through abattoir effluent and residuals used as offal feed for other animals.....Animals and plants are communicators and 'families which not too many realise. For example trees which are older and need less carbon will transfer it to younger more needy trees. Fungi and roots are 'computer' networks of communication and warning amongst eco-system species . However tasty a good steak and I've eaten many the fact is the world has to change behaviour or perish...the latter being something a great deal of mankind seems intent upon achieving. This also means putting a stop to multicultural humbug which gets in the way of our good Australian culture reigning....simply refusing to accept the Asian humbug which is concerned with aphrodisiacs from rare animals and the eating of whale meat. It means ignoring the humbug from fishermen cashing up from seas we are ruining and instead running ghastly, filthy, polluting fish and prawn 'farms'; As you might gather I support the petition, not the sookyness.

  35. 2032

    Alana Bacon Sat 16/1/16 12:48pm

    These are sensitive, intelligent, sentient beings. They feel fear & pain just like you & I. They deserve a life worth living.

    They are NOT inanimate objects like tables & chairs. They experience horrific deaths, but as well now you are robbing them of their right to have any kind of natural life. If you have any decency or conscience at all, your actions will one day come back to haunt you. Get out of this cruel industry now before it's too late.

  36. 2030

    Denis Boukhvalov Tue 5/1/16 11:35pm

    What if you, the people who slaughter the poor and helpless pigs, where in- humanly slaughtered like that?! How would you feel?! Would you still like that job?! You people who kills these poor and helpless pigs are monsters and you have no harts. God and people please save these little pigs!🐷🐽

  37. 2028

    Mitchell Parkinson Thu 17/12/15 10:21am

    Pigs have extremely complex emotions - they experience similar stress when being separated from their partner as humans do - and are having to suffer hearing the screams from inside the gas chamber. They scrabble desperately to escape.
    The footage shows a clearly disabled pig, unable to walk into a gas chamber, repeatedly prodded with an electric goad before a frustrated abattoir worker jumps into the run and kicks it twice.
    I believe everyone who eats pork should watch this film. If they are unmoved then fine, continue to eat pork, otherwise STOP, or at the very least make sure you know the supplier has eared and killed the animals in the lost humane ways possible.

  38. 2021

    Scott Miles Wed 25/11/15 8:43pm

    This is disgusting and if anyone had any scrap of morals or dignity, they would put an end to this barbaric treatment of a fellow earth dweller.

  39. 2018

    Nicki Beaumont Mon 23/11/15 10:38pm

    please stop this barbaric treatment of these beautiful animals. They feel all the same emotions as humans except Greed. Let them have some Quilty of life .

  40. 2015

    Jezebel Leto Mon 23/11/15 5:54pm

    Please stop this madness!

  41. 2011

    Ralph Graham Mon 23/11/15 3:21pm

    Rising awareness shows killing animals to be unnecessary, highly inefficient ( for producing protein) , and downright inhumane. The cruelty in this piggery is unjustifiable and degrading to good people.

  42. 2008

    Layra Xavier Mon 23/11/15 11:10am

    Animal cruelty, I can't stand it. Go Vegan!

  43. 2007

    Kim Nakajima Sun 22/11/15 10:49pm

    Absolute cruelty

  44. 2006

    Charmen rose Sun 22/11/15 4:41pm


  45. 1996

    Adriana Bellemans Sat 21/11/15 7:51pm

    Please cease this cruelty. it's time to think outside the box & come up with new things to farm that are sustainable & don't involve the taking of lives.

  46. 1995

    Mitchell Parkinson Sat 21/11/15 6:49pm

    Please please stop this cruelty and have some compassion in your heart!

  47. 1991

    Melissa Jane Hall Sat 21/11/15 4:40pm

    stop this madness

  48. 1988

    Anonymous Sat 21/11/15 2:52pm

    Would you keep your family dog in this environment? Disgusting!

  49. 1976

    Christopher Emil Wenner Sat 21/11/15 10:58am

    There is no need to kill animals with the abundance of plant based foods in the world. Humane killing is a myth and only serves to distance us from the murder and mutilation done behind closed doors and served up in pretty packaging.

  50. 1973

    Anonymous Sat 21/11/15 9:19am

    Please stop this cruel and torturous behaviour to animals.

  51. 1969

    z cooper Sat 21/11/15 7:57am

    Animals abuse is cruel, horrific and wrong. To intentionally cause pain to another being, it torture. Would you treat a dog like this? Please have compassion.

  52. 1968

    Renata Halpin Sat 21/11/15 7:01am

    I find it so sad that we have to sign petitions to ask humans to stop being cruel to animals, but here I am. If you are reading this, watch Lucent and stop buying products that cause the need for these farmers to breed and kill these beautiful animals. Open your hearts. Animals need our help. how we are treating them is wrong, and with knowledge comes RESPONSIBILITY.

  53. 1967

    Joanne mcCarthy Sat 21/11/15 6:59am

    This is to sad. I would not do this to my pet dog or cat- so why do it to pigs?

  54. 1951

    Tanisha de Villiers Fri 20/11/15 10:57pm

    These places need to be shut down for once and for all and the owners thrown in jail.

  55. 1943

    Maria Mitchell Fri 20/11/15 10:11pm

    We have no right to inflict misery terror and torture on any innocent being. It's time to evolve!

  56. 1941

    Samantha Hall Fri 20/11/15 9:54pm

    I am vehemently opposed to the abhorent torture of these highly intellegent, sentient, loving, innocent, helpless creatures who are at the mercy of humans choice of treatment inflictent upon them - please please have mercy on these beautiful animals and allow them to live the life they were put on this earth to do, to love and nurture their babies, and have a fear free and pain free existence - they are NO different to your pet dog or cat and deserve the same respect and protection. Humans have NO right to exploit them to simply satisfy their tastebuds. Most people eat "meat" only because most people eat meat - this is a rapidly decreasing trend, thank God. It is 2015 and time to EVOLVE to behave like the so called superior intelliget beings that we proport to be

  57. 1940

    Seaan Winchester Fri 20/11/15 9:46pm

    Hell must be banished from our green earth

  58. 1935

    Alida Tomaszewski Mon 9/11/15 9:27am

    How do you sleep at night?
    Stop directly and indirectly causing pain & suffering or bear the bad karmic consequences and eventual public humiliation. Injustice doesn't go unnoticed forever!

  59. 1931

    Christopher Vandermeer Tue 20/10/15 4:38pm

    To turn our backs on such obvious and disgusting cruelty is utterly shameful.

    Not even criminals live in these conditions, but an innocent animal is deemed worthless enough to suffer day in and day out because we like the taste of its flesh.


  60. 1930

    Anonymous Tue 13/10/15 11:59am


  61. 1929

    Giulia De-Masi Fri 18/9/15 3:08pm

    I am disgusted by the treatment of these animals and by the attitude of
    the workers.

    Not only should ALL piggeries be SHUT Down in Australia, the people working in these places should NEVER be able to work with animals again.

  62. 1928

    Ylenia Baglieri Fri 18/9/15 1:14am

    Stop Animal Cruelty. Animal Right Now Please!

  63. 1925

    Alice Lindstrom Thu 13/8/15 3:02pm

    This is shocking, shocking abuse and should be stopped.

  64. 1924

    Anonymous Mon 10/8/15 7:38am

    Stop animal abuse

  65. 1921

    Amritaa de silva Wed 5/8/15 5:48am

    It's disgusting

  66. 1918

    Linda Armstrong Tue 4/8/15 10:35pm

    This is absolutely unacceptable, I have seen this type of treatment of 'factory farming' animals in the US and Europe, would expect it from countries like these due to their poor animal welfare regulations and their lack of compassion and respect for all animals, use your position to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

  67. 1912

    Robyn Carlin Tue 4/8/15 1:15pm

    This is disgusting, I would have expected Australia to be a champion in the humane treatment of animals, but I am so sadly disappointed, please clean up your act! We are not the only species on this planet with feelings. Feeling so angry and disappointed!!!

  68. 1907

    JoAnn Ellis Tue 4/8/15 8:07am

    Please shut down Springview Piggery! These animals are not being treated humanely!!!

  69. 1898

    jean robertson Tue 4/8/15 5:54am

    A disgusting way to treat any animal and then expect the product to be healthy.

  70. 1891

    Sheida Keshtkar Tue 4/8/15 3:48am

    Shame on humanity to treat animals with cruelty

  71. 1877

    pauline muir Tue 4/8/15 1:18am

    Disgusting way to treat an animal even if it is meant for food

  72. 1872

    Christine Ashby Sun 12/7/15 9:03pm

    I have been vegan for over 2 years - there is no reason to continue to subjugate smart intelligent animals that are capable of feeling complex emotions to this abuse. Why keep cats and dogs as pets and then eat chickens, pigs, cows, turkeys when they all bleed, have similar internal organs, feel the same emotions - why love one and eat the other? Stop this madness. There is no reason to keep treating animals this way in this day and age. We do not live in caveman times. These animals have never done anything wrong to humanity? Why torture them this way - we do not even treat pedophiles / criminals this way.

  73. 1871

    Kerry Cossins Tue 7/7/15 7:22pm

    I have now ceased eating all animal products due to the cruelty involved in how they are treated (mistreated). If companies cannot accept and do the right thing, then I will be part of the solution in solving the animal cruelty issue. Have a heart people, we are all in this world together.

  74. 1869

    Anonymous Sun 21/6/15 6:12pm

    This piggery is an example of why I no longer use anything that is not genuinely free range . I have been on the land all my life and this is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Close it down.

  75. 1863

    Amber Jarvis Fri 22/5/15 10:21am

    If only everyone knew about the truth - share with everyone you know!!

  76. 1862

    Ben Jarvis Fri 22/5/15 10:20am

    How can the people who own and operate these places sleep at night?!

  77. 1861

    Anonymous Sun 17/5/15 6:38pm

    Please shut this facility down. This is animal abuse plain and simple, it should not be occurring in the 21st century!

  78. 1857

    Anita Skewes Tue 14/4/15 2:05pm

    Compassion for all living beings:)

  79. 1855

    Debbie Bunn Mon 23/3/15 7:24am

    This place needs to be closed down right away. The owners should also be charged with cruelty and neglect . He should have to pay a HUGE FINE and JAIL TIME .

  80. 1851

    Barb Knight Thu 19/3/15 10:57am

    Pigs should not be rough housed!!!!!!

  81. 1849

    Ilona Vaupel Thu 19/3/15 10:28am

    Wehe, dem Menschen, wenn auch nur ein Tier im Strafgericht Gottes sitzt.
    - hl. Franziskus von Assisi, Schutzpatron der Tiere -

  82. 1843

    Lyne Forget Thu 19/3/15 8:10am

    Inhumane treatment of such intelligent animals who have EMOTIONS!!
    MOVE to stop this now. Shameful.

  83. 1841

    bec wright Mon 16/3/15 6:27pm

    All the evidence from these photos should be enough to close this piggery. Shame on you if you cannot see that this is disgusting and cruelty to animals. If you were a pig in this farm I can tell you now that you would NOT want to be there.

  84. 1836

    Renata Cheferrino Sat 17/1/15 5:30pm

    No cruelty ! Stop cruelty ! Stop Springview Piggery.

  85. 1835

    marlies loescher Thu 15/1/15 7:16pm

    No animal deserves to live under those conditions and die just for the pleasure of a few minutes of a meal.
    Having done nothing wrong and having to live a very short horrible life and then being exposed to extra cruetlty by staff is horrific, unjust and has to be condemmned.

  86. 1834

    Jessica Cook Wed 14/1/15 10:06pm

    These piggeries are a crime against nature, they are hell on earth, whoever allows these to continue running are corrupt to the core. This sickens me to the point that I almost cannot look, but I have to or else these pigs will continue to suffer. PLEASE END THEIR SUFFERING BY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, SHUT DOWN THIS PIGGERY

  87. 1830

    Mell Lintern Fri 2/1/15 8:46pm

    This disgusting atrocity must cease!

  88. 1828

    Shanon Bell Wed 24/12/14 1:04am

    Australia is supposed to be a modern country but these practices are backwards and cruel! Be remembered for doing the RIGHT thing. Animals should not be allowed to be mistreated to line greedy humans' pockets.

  89. 1820

    Wendy Frere Sat 13/12/14 1:12pm

    The intelligence and empathy of pigs have been established for a long time. It's criminal the way they're treated in most piggeries. These needlessly cruel practices must be stopped immediately.

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