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Templemore Piggery

Templemore Piggery

Location: Unnamed Road, Murringo NSW
Owned by: Walker & Rowntree Family (Windridge Farms)
Status: Open and operating

Exposed by Animal Liberation ACT in December 2013, Templemore Piggery is a large farrow to finish pig farm in Murringo, near Young NSW, owned by Windridge. Templemore features a large, filthy group housing shed - the industry's new standard to eventually replace sow stalls.

Aside from the usual industry-wide issues such as high numbers of piglet mortality, extreme confinement for pregnant and lactating sows, mutilations carried out on piglets without pain relief, and general filth, there were a couple of other interesting/disturbing findings: sows with "Cull-Lame" and "DESTROY" spray-painted on their backs, and cut-outs of flying pigs suspended from the ceiling of the farrowing crate rooms as if to mock Animals Australia's Make It Possible campaign.

Business Details

  • Windridge Farms Pty Ltd
  • A.C.N: 127 963 008
  • A.B.N: 55127963008
  • Phone: (02) 6382 1311
  • Registered in: New South Wales
  • Registration Date: 22/1/1996
  • Organisation is currently registered, limited by shares and a proprietary company
  • Principal Place of Business: 'Wonga Piggery', Moppity Road, Young NSW 2594


  • Andrew Rowntree
    • Born in Sydney NSW, 22/08/1966
    • Appointed 11/10/2007
  • Andree Rowntree
    • Born in Young NSW, 10/08/1973
    • Appointed 11/10/2007


  • Andree Rowntree
    • Born in Young NSW, 10/08/1973
    • Appointed 30/05/2012

Previous Directors:

  • Sally Alexandra Walker
    • Born in Young NSW, 01/09/1971
    • Appointed 11/10/2007
  • Jonathon Thomas Duff
    • Born in Inverell NSW, 04/06/1970
    • Appointed 11/10/2007
  • David John Graham
    • Born in Cootamundra NSW, 09/03/1956
    • Appointed 09/06/2010

Share Structure

  • Number of shares: 2
  • Shareholders:
    • St Malo (Young) Pty Ltd
    • Cornucopia (Young) Pty Ltd
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