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Wally's Piggery

Petition: Shut Down Wally's Piggery

To relevant government and industry officials:

The level of cruelty and disrepair at Wally's Piggery in NSW is unacceptable, with many proven breaches of The Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals. I implore you to do all in your power to shut down the facility permanently and to a reasonable extent seek new accommodation for the animals where they will not be raised for slaughter.

Other piggeries elsewhere in Australia should be immediately and rigorously inspected for similar conditions.

  1. 20466

    S Weber Tue 4/6/13 11:05pm

    It is sickening treatment of other sentient beings.

  2. 20465

    Samantha Overy Tue 4/6/13 10:56pm

    Sow stalls are cruel. Pigs do not deserve to live in sheds their entire short lives, they must be able to wallow in the mud and move around freely. Anything less is appalling cruelty. Piggeries like this MUST stop. Those found abusing animals in their care must attract massive penalties and lose ALL their livestock with lifetime bans to apply. Intensive animal industry is inherently cruel so anything else MUST be treated harshly as soon as it is discovered so it is kept to a minimum.

  3. 20464

    Sue Weber Tue 4/6/13 10:36pm

    It is videos like this that have made me a vegan

  4. 20463

    Belinda Streeting Tue 4/6/13 10:16pm

    How on earth has this piggery been allowed to continue it's deplorable and inhumane treatment of living thinking feeling animals. Close it down now. Please.

  5. 20462

    Deb Hopkins Tue 4/6/13 9:07pm

    How in God's name is this happening and why hasn't this hell hole been shut down and owners and employees prosecuted and jailed!!

  6. 20460

    Fiona Maclean Mon 3/6/13 5:33pm

    Disgusting! poor little piggys :/

  7. 20456

    Renata Harmer Sat 1/6/13 8:04pm

    I won't stop fighting this issue and doing whatever I can to put you all out of business.

  8. 20455

    Anonymous Fri 31/5/13 10:15pm

    how and why is this piggery and others still getting away with this abhorrent cruelty.
    All citizens of the world need to see this and end the suffering now.

  9. 20453

    Pamela Pezzimenti Fri 31/5/13 8:48pm


  10. 20425

    Jpp Meulendijks Thu 30/5/13 7:20am

    Animals should be handeld in a civilised way with respect.

  11. 20421

    Susan Berry Thu 30/5/13 7:03am

    Stop it, close it, prosecute!

  12. 20419

    lisa gallazzi Thu 30/5/13 6:54am

    compassion for all beings - vegan

  13. 20410

    marie celeste charnley Thu 30/5/13 6:22am

    kill nothing killed..vegan

  14. 20404

    Anonymous Thu 30/5/13 6:13am

    we need to stop the kill of these poor animals. its not right what they are doing to them.

  15. 20397

    Dr Anusha Patchava Thu 30/5/13 6:01am

    I am disgusted with the treatment of animals and the way they are slaughtered due to massproduction. I will go vegan. No thank you. You can eat your shit yourself!!!

  16. 20390

    Josie Bishop Wed 29/5/13 2:34pm

    Please stop this horrific display of animal cruelty!

  17. 20384

    Joe DeMaio Sun 26/5/13 6:02pm

    No more suffering!

  18. 20383

    Alexangra Beletskaya Sun 26/5/13 2:00pm

    STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 20382

    Lena Mamleeva Sun 26/5/13 1:51pm

    Stop this hell, please!!!

  20. 20381

    Cher Davey Sat 25/5/13 10:41pm

    I haven't eaten pork in 18 years due this disgraceful industry!!! Im still wondering when does the body responsible for micromanaging such atrocities within this industry come forward and take a stand. The character of a strong person shows through a conscience that is the gauge to guide their passion in life which in turn guides their compassion for all life!!!!

  21. 20380

    Chris brown Sat 25/5/13 4:31pm

    why does it take dedicated citizens to expose this horror and not the RSPCA please stop this cruel industry

  22. 20373

    Cameron Hammond Mon 20/5/13 11:35pm

    Please stop the cruelty

  23. 20371

    James Raymond Ornelas Mon 20/5/13 10:17pm

    Free The Piglets!

  24. 20369

    katia engelhard Mon 20/5/13 4:42pm

    Poor pigs, they are smarter than dogs and deserve at least a decent life ... I don't eat animals and I hope this video will help people realize how absurd all this industriel farms are and go vegan, as it is the only way to stop hell. Great video thanks to you!!

  25. 20368

    Anonymous Mon 20/5/13 4:13pm

    Get rid of the solitary confinement!

  26. 20360

    Georgie Ley Mon 13/5/13 12:16pm

    I find it disgusting that this treatment to pigs is being allowed, I not only do wish that Wally's piggery be shut down, but all piggerys be shut down.

  27. 20358

    debbie hay Thu 9/5/13 12:20pm


  28. 20357

    Rebecca Tue 7/5/13 10:20pm

    Please shut this facility down,immediately !! Let those pigs be free . Cruel :(

  29. 20355

    Emma Eschbach Mon 6/5/13 9:49pm

    Humans are the most recent earthlings, unfortunately the most destructive and selfish beings. Most things we do harm the earth but animal consumption is our biggest problem. It is not only bad for your health but it is also bad for the planet - Livestock production occupies 70% of all land used for agriculture, or 30% of the land surface of the planet. It is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases, responsible for 18% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalents.

    But apart from the fact that it's clearly ruining the earth it's just cruel, factory farming is a cruel, disgusting and unexposed version of mass murder. All animals desire to live, they're intelligent earthlings and they all feel emotion, every emotion. Pigs are said to be smarter than 3 year old children, smarter than dogs. So why do we eat pigs but love dogs?

    The reasons continue.. but there's just so much to stay it overwhelms me.

    Choose your mind over your taste buds, remember who you were when you were a child, remember feeling compassion for every living thing. Go vegan.

  30. 20354

    Jennifer Lai Mon 6/5/13 8:11pm

    I would like to save animlas from the farm before they die...

  31. 20353

    Tim Prietl Sun 5/5/13 8:48pm

    i love and protect animals, because people can help themselves!!!

  32. 20352

    rhonda berg Sat 4/5/13 6:05pm

    this is blatant -in your face much evidence do authorities need before they act and close these hell holes down.what does the rspca stand for.?

  33. 20349

    Sandy London Fri 3/5/13 8:16pm

    Humans need to stop this hell. It's also in the US and several other countries. There should be a global movement to end this hell. Disgraceful. Disgusting. Inhumane. This place is absolute hell. Those pigs are living in a nightmare. What can be done to shut this place down and get these animals out? I'm sick over this place. How can people still eat Pork, Ham, Bacon after knowing it comes from these places? HOW CAN YOU? Wally's Piggery "MUST" be closed down for good. You need to do jail time Wally, just like the other bastards who you employ. Humans have "NEVER" really evolved, we just became clever VERMIN, the consequences of our ''evolution'', of human ''civilisation'', turning our planet/home into a giant filthy diaper. I despair for the fate of animals, the senseless cruelties inflicted upon them by our species, and their helplessness in the face of mass slaughter. If we could really see what we have done to the earth, we would "ALL" go mad. This makes me cry, that no one has closed down this "HELL-HOLE". Who is being paid to keep this hell-hole running?

  34. 20344

    Shirley Birney Wed 1/5/13 10:14pm

    Mr Ludwig, your department states that animal cruelty will not be tolerated and that you will not compromise on any cruelty to animals.

    Alas Mr Ludwig, we the public have witnessed media reports of pigs with gaping sores and being eaten alive by maggots and supplied to the "fresh food people." In a piggery in WA, owned by a prominent board member of the pig industry, pigs were crammed into pens, standing on each other and cannibalising their dead companions. And then we, the consumer, unwittingly eat them. "Mad Pigs' disease," Mr Ludwig?

    You and your state cohorts make a mockery of the codes of practice for animal welfare and are a blight on this "first world" nation.

    Who are you protecting Mr Ludwig et al? The hapless pig or the diabolical pig grower?

  35. 20341

    Justin Henderson Mon 29/4/13 5:35pm

    I call on the federal and state governments to conduct a full inquiry into factory farming in Australia. To conduct the inquiry as to the ethical implications of this mode of farming and to the immediate welfare and rights of animals already within this mode of farming.

  36. 20335

    Andrew Forrer Fri 26/4/13 11:23pm

    shut this down and stop eating pig products

  37. 20333

    Lesley depina Fri 26/4/13 5:26pm

    This is the sad reality we live in and it is up to us to be the voice of these amazing animals. Stop this cruelty immediately and don't eat or buy pork products!!!


  38. 20331

    Michaela kenniff Tue 23/4/13 8:57pm

    This bastard needs smashing on the head with a hammer.

  39. 20327

    Simon Davitt Sun 21/4/13 12:40pm

    I hope wally & his family die slowly and painfully.

  40. 20326

    Massimo Viggiani Sat 20/4/13 7:13pm

    shut down wally's piggery

  41. 20324

    Yanina Romero Sat 20/4/13 5:07am


  42. 20322

    Renee Stevens Thu 18/4/13 8:57am

    These are some of the most harrowing images I have ever seen, what on earth are the authorities thinking letting this hell on earth continue. I demand this atrocity be ended NOW! These innocent pigs deserve some dignity, where is our humanity?

  43. 20320

    maahir hassan Thu 18/4/13 1:40am

    this is murder

  44. 20318

    saima samara Thu 18/4/13 1:37am

    stop the madness

  45. 20317

    sabah samad Thu 18/4/13 1:29am

    please stop killing animals ....that is one kind of mental illness

  46. 20314

    Elle Carney Wed 17/4/13 9:28pm

    We have so much space in Australia. Every piggery should become free range! We are supposed to be a smart nation, however there are so many horrible acts of animal welfare, that makes me believe we are not educated or moral at all.

  47. 20312

    Danelle Marvin Wed 17/4/13 1:02am

    Show compassion for animals. Enforce strict animal welfare laws. The world is watching.

  48. 20310

    Amy Porra Tue 16/4/13 5:39pm

    I cannot believe this facility is still up and running. I signed a petition to years ago to encourage the shut down of this hell-hole. How do you sleep at night knowing that you can do something about the torture that is going on at Wallyo's Piggery?

  49. 20309

    Anonymous Tue 16/4/13 4:32pm

    To commenter 20238- Don't worry, we can also bring guns to your farm when we visit.You need to be shut down, treating animals like this is disgusting and horrific, not to mention archaic ( look that word up if you have a dictionary). I really hope that you come back as a pig in your next life and you have to suffer the same fate, however hopefully by then no animals will ever have to go through the treatment that you dish out, all in the name of money and greed.You will get what you deserve one day.

  50. 20308

    Amy Curtis Tue 16/4/13 3:35pm

    Sick and sad!

  51. 20307

    Justin Tue 16/4/13 3:13pm

    Filthy Meat heads. They should all be out of busines

  52. 20300

    Buy Tramadol Online No Prescription Sat 13/4/13 8:59pm


  53. 20297

    Anonymous Thu 11/4/13 11:33pm


  54. 20295

    haley louise Wed 10/4/13 12:54pm

    SHUT IT DOWN!! its cruelty!!!

  55. 20285

    Anonymous Fri 5/4/13 8:16pm

    Factory Farming has to stop... NOW! what the hell have we become? How dare these animals be treated this way. Its an absolute disgrace!

  56. 20283

    ill fuck you up Thu 4/4/13 10:07pm

    you fucken dickheads i will shoot you if you come to my farm cunts

  57. 20282

    screw you Thu 4/4/13 9:58pm

    screw you wankers

  58. 20278

    velmoja Wed 3/4/13 7:54pm


  59. 20273

    Esme Koslitz Mon 1/4/13 11:41pm

    Go Vegan! I can only recommend it!

  60. 20267

    Anonymous Sun 31/3/13 10:26pm

    Please stopp this cruelty against pigs!!!

  61. 20264

    Michelle herlihy Sun 31/3/13 8:25am

    Wallys piggery looks like a hell on earth. Shame on humans , we will all be accounted for one day

  62. 20259

    Anonymous Sat 30/3/13 4:56am

    that is so sad :( !!! why and how could you treat those pigs like that, it is awful!! how can you sick people how kill the pigs do it aren't you sad and have heart to no that is wrong!!!

  63. 20256

    Mogsgubsign Fri 29/3/13 11:41pm

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  64. 20255

    sabine schüttler Fri 29/3/13 6:43pm

    All beings feel pain….

  65. 20254

    Christine käfer Fri 29/3/13 4:51pm

    stop this horror!!!!!!!!

  66. 20241

    hille heinlein Thu 28/3/13 6:21am

    so geht man mit tieren nicht um !!!!!!!!! ich bin entsetzt......

  67. 20239

    Margret Holmann Thu 28/3/13 12:42am

    We know why we do not eat meat!

  68. 20234

    Alfred Stangl Wed 27/3/13 6:59pm

    This is absolutely disgusting and needs to be stopped as soon as possible!

  69. 20232

    stef pulitzer Wed 27/3/13 6:37pm

    Pigs are awesome, intelligent, sentient beings. HAVE A F-ING HEART & treat them with kindness & respect...

  70. 20231

    Jirina Lucic Wed 27/3/13 3:49pm

    pigs are very intelligent animals and i wish there would handle this world. the world would be a better one!! stop this horror!!!!!!!

  71. 20226

    Michaela Eckert Wed 27/3/13 6:59am

    Please STOP it !!!!

  72. 20224

    Thomas Baumgartner Wed 27/3/13 5:49am


  73. 20223

    Manuela Baumgartner Wed 27/3/13 5:43am

    Bitte behandelt die Tiere besser

  74. 20220

    Anonymous Wed 27/3/13 1:51am

    Bitte behandelt Tiere mit Respekt.

  75. 20215

    Rose Crocker Tue 26/3/13 9:23pm

    I didn't even look at the video, just saw the photos and felt sick.

  76. 20213

    Angela Fletcher Tue 26/3/13 8:58pm

    Please end this inhuman act

  77. 20212

    Yohanne Dejokervich Tue 26/3/13 8:11pm

    them damn pig bashers

  78. 20209

    Alinta Dobozy Tue 26/3/13 7:55pm

    i hope this helps!

  79. 20208

    Anne Helfrich Tue 26/3/13 7:51pm

    STOP IT!

  80. 20205

    zawodsky lidija Tue 26/3/13 5:53pm


  81. 20203

    Michaela Lüttich Tue 26/3/13 3:46pm

    Australia considers itself as a nation with culture? Not as long as they treat animals this way! Please end the tortures of this pigs!

  82. 20202

    Franziska Feldsieper Tue 26/3/13 3:45pm

    Australia considers itself as a nation with culture? Not as long as they treat animals this way! Please end the tortures of this pigs!

  83. 20201

    roman sanda Tue 26/3/13 3:28pm

    Love pork but not this way.

  84. 20200

    Mallory downs Tue 26/3/13 3:14pm

    Absolutely disgusting! Need to put a stop to this suffering, these animals(no animals) should be treated like this.

  85. 20198

    Dominica Sanda Tue 26/3/13 2:47pm

    This is disgusting. How can people treat animals in such a disgusting manner? Would you ever treat humans in this way? It is cruel and absolutely horrendous. Animals do not have a voice but deserve some quality of life.

  86. 20197

    Eduardo Campos Tue 26/3/13 11:49am

    Please end this atrocity.

  87. 20196

    Rose Mears Tue 26/3/13 10:15am

    Terrible!! Plaese shut it down it is such cruelty!! Makes me feel sick, the poor animals!! Rose

  88. 20195

    Tanja Hoepker Tue 26/3/13 8:52am

    stop this torture!!!

  89. 20193

    Michele Bossert Tue 26/3/13 8:09am

    Stop this! Horrify

  90. 20179

    Christel Bänder Tue 26/3/13 2:44am

    Diese armen Schweine sind hilflos der Profitgierig und Grausamkeit von uns Menschen ausgeliefert. Hoffentlich nützt diese Petition. Der Schweinefleischkonsum ist nur doch nur so hoch, weil der Preis auf Grund dieser schrecklichen Erzeugermethoden so billig ist!!

  91. 20177

    Almut Elster Tue 26/3/13 2:08am

    Pigs suffer as much as humans when injured or badly treated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. 20176

    christiana Klinkner Tue 26/3/13 1:52am

    this is a shame for all humanity

  93. 20174

    Martina Borenstein Bauer Tue 26/3/13 12:45am

    Stopt diese Quälerei.

  94. 20169

    ildiko berger Mon 25/3/13 11:20pm

    stop the crueltis

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